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    XPEnology 4.2

    Probably why I got the version errors when I tried. Sorry about that. Associated to one of the links posted above I can see this repository: (which is different than the URL for the tools) Is this the same?
  2. seanp

    XPEnology 4.2

    Then maybe this (from the post above this one)...
  3. seanp

    XPEnology 4.2

    How about this...
  4. My Z77N-Wifi has the same... [RTL81xx@0xc000:rtl8168_init_board] NIC identified as RTL8168E-VL/8111E-VL (mcfg=16) [RTL81xx@0xd000:rtl8168_init_board] NIC identified as RTL8168E-VL/8111E-VL (mcfg=16)
  5. seanp

    Supported Hardware

    How do you make it work for "Asus P8H77-I", I have this error: I saw a similar error when I accidentally mixed the boot image with a different release pat file.
  6. [ 3.227506] eth%d: RTL8168E-VL/8111E-VL at 0xffffc90000044000, 90:2b:34:d5:ce:09, IRQ 41 [ 3.412549] eth0: Identified chip type is 'RTL8168E-VL/8111E-VL'. [ 3.413130] eth%d: RTL8168E-VL/8111E-VL at 0xffffc9000001e000, 90:2b:34:d5:ce:0b, IRQ 42 [ 3.593884] eth1: Identified chip type is 'RTL8168E-VL/8111E-VL'. I easily push the bandwidth limits of a 1GB connection with my H77 setup.
  7. Ah, good point. Sometimes I get tunnel vision.
  8. seanp

    low power

    I believe the thread here: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=6 Based on the processor specs it should come in about 10W less than my system at the same number of drives.
  9. You are getting ahead of yourself. Libvert works with "the virtualization capabilities of recent versions of Linux" ( ...however no virtualization capabilities have been compiled into the synology kernel. Getting KVM running is the most hopeful as you can include it on a custom build of the kernel.
  10. seanp

    low power

    You pretty much should get what I did, my criteria was almost identical. Few Atom motherboards take 8G RAM, have 4 SATA ports, and a 1Gbps NIC - couldn't find a single one at Newegg that had them all. The i3-3220T is about as low power as they get. Some laptop chips might use less power but there are very few motherboards for them and good luck finding one already tested to run xpenology.
  11. seanp

    low power

    ...what fonix232 said. I just built a system. Gigabyte GA-H77N-WIFI mini-ITX, 8GB RAM, i3-3220T, three drives active and it measures 40W at idle from the plug. 40W is still quite high in idle, there was a guy who made it down to around 6W with an i5 3rd gen. Unlikely that measurement was complete, from the wall, or with three drives attached - which use that much power alone. You could save a bit of power with SSDs - but you would lose storage. An atom-based motherboard would save a chunk of power at the cost of CPU strength - which little is needed for a pure storage medium.
  12. seanp

    low power

    ...what fonix232 said. I just built a system. Gigabyte GA-H77N-WIFI mini-ITX, 8GB RAM, i3-3220T, three drives active and it measures 40W at idle from the plug.
  13. KVM is not compiled in by default. I cannot get VirtualBox to run. I had to add the Synology source headers and includes to get it to install but still run into this: Building the VirtualBox kernel modules Failed to load the kernel module. VirtualBox has been installed successfully, but the kernel module could not be built. When you have fixed the problems preventing this, execute /etc/init.d/vboxdrv setup as administrator to build it.
  14. I can confirm everything works on that board - except bluetooth and wireless. I used a i3 3220T @ 35W in a Fractal Designs Mini case modded to hold 11 hot swap drives. I am currently typing this on a Hackentosh sporting a Gigabyte GA-Z77N-WIFI board (as opposed to the H77N in the xpenology) with a i7-3770 everything works except Wifi. I have yet to strain the 3220T at all. Plex and Mindcraft do not saturate it. I am trying to get Virtualbox deployed so I can _host_ a VM from Synology. Thanks to all who contributed. Sean