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    Experiences with drive crash?

    thanks a lot for your comments manfriday! lev400 - do you mean you're running your xpenology as a VM?
  2. honelnik

    Experiences with drive crash?

    Hello everyone, I'm a noob who's just considering building his first xpenology box over buying a genuine synology one. I've been reading a lot and understand the basic install, HW & the day-to-day operational stuff, however I have not seen a lot of survival stories after things go bad. I understand that most posts in here reporting some issues are catastrophic failures that require more than a basic troubleshooting for recovery, what I am interested in are some survival stories of people who experienced a failure and went on to resolve it without losing their data. 1. From what I understand running bare metal install is almost identical to running a synology box, so I shouldn't expect any extra problems than what a synology box would give me. Correct me if I'm wrong please. 2. I'm more interested in running esxi host with RDM : A. Has anyone experienced a drive failure? Did a simple swap of the drive solve the issue? B. When running xpenology as a VM, has anyone experienced a power failure? Was the system affected in any way? Were the data intact? C. If my HW crashes, will I be able to migrate my drives to a new xpenology box or synology without issues/losing data? I've read multiple times that "this should be possible", however I haven't seen a post by anyone who has actually done this. D. I've read a couple of posts about people having issues with their pool after expanding it. Does this generally work fine? E. Is there anything on the VMWare side of things that can cause issues? F. Just curious, has anybody been able to run their box without downtime for extended periods of time (years)? Thanks a lot