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  1. Additional info re RESOURCE MONITOR. I just discovered that Resource Monitor works fine from an android phone (on the Samsung browser MOBILE mode). And if I switch the mobile browser to DESKTOP then that reproduces the "Network" issue. I tried latest FIREFOX and CHROME on desktop and still get the above error, unless I use developer mode and switch to a mobile config. Seems a browser compatibility issue and not a service issue so will search alternate thread and repost. Summary: Resource monitor only works via browser set to MOBILE mode (such as for iPad). DESKTOP mode returns "network" issue.
  2. Related issue, the RESOURCE MONITOR also no longer works. It displays with a "CONNECTION FAILED. PLEASE CHECK YOUR NETWORK SETTINGS" in a popup OK box. It does not display info in the Widget either. Again...where should I start tracking down why it fails?
  3. DSM 5.2-5565 Update 2 Server has operated fine for couple of years. But I notice that I have to toggle off/on the FILE SERVICES (Windows SMB, WebDAV are the ones I need) off and back on again after EVERY BOOT UP. Only then do Windows and WebDAV shares function. I otherwise have full access to the server (ie. webGUI, SSH) and the server is active on the LAN. I have full root SSH terminal and WinSCP access. Is there a methodical process to follow so I can review LOGS etc and determine WHY and rectify the non-start of these services? Am sure it used to work but stumped as to where to start resolving this.
  4. Did a clean install today. Seems to load fine but not tested extensively. stock HP N54L / 8GB. Now the bad news- I did the above in exasperation at the very unclean upgrade from 5.0- 4493-7 --> 5.1 --> 5.2 All seemed to upgrade fine (using relevant version Xenoboot at each step) but then things went pear shaped:- upon reboot after "successful" 5.2 upgrade, I could not get into NAS. Reason:- eth0 had not set an IP address! Manually set IP and netmask(which didnt stick between reboots) and things like Time Line now dont work. By this stage I did a "clean" install (to a spare new drive) and confirmed no prob with eth0 for that. Really regret upgrading and could not downgrade from 5.2 to 5.1 as it threw an error can't revert from 5565. Any suggestions?