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  1. Additional info re RESOURCE MONITOR. I just discovered that Resource Monitor works fine from an android phone (on the Samsung browser MOBILE mode). And if I switch the mobile browser to DESKTOP then that reproduces the "Network" issue. I tried latest FIREFOX and CHROME on desktop and still get the above error, unless I use developer mode and switch to a mobile config. Seems a browser compatibility issue and not a service issue so will search alternate thread and repost. Summary: Resource monitor only works via browser set to MOBILE mo
  2. Related issue, the RESOURCE MONITOR also no longer works. It displays with a "CONNECTION FAILED. PLEASE CHECK YOUR NETWORK SETTINGS" in a popup OK box. It does not display info in the Widget either. Again...where should I start tracking down why it fails?
  3. DSM 5.2-5565 Update 2 Server has operated fine for couple of years. But I notice that I have to toggle off/on the FILE SERVICES (Windows SMB, WebDAV are the ones I need) off and back on again after EVERY BOOT UP. Only then do Windows and WebDAV shares function. I otherwise have full access to the server (ie. webGUI, SSH) and the server is active on the LAN. I have full root SSH terminal and WinSCP access. Is there a methodical process to follow so I can review LOGS etc and determine WHY and rectify the non-start of these services
  4. Did a clean install today. Seems to load fine but not tested extensively. stock HP N54L / 8GB. Now the bad news- I did the above in exasperation at the very unclean upgrade from 5.0- 4493-7 --> 5.1 --> 5.2 All seemed to upgrade fine (using relevant version Xenoboot at each step) but then things went pear shaped:- upon reboot after "successful" 5.2 upgrade, I could not get into NAS. Reason:- eth0 had not set an IP address! Manually set IP and netmask(which didnt stick between reboots) and things like Time Line now dont work. By this stage I did a "clean" install (t