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  1. Did a clean install today. Seems to load fine but not tested extensively. stock HP N54L / 8GB. Now the bad news- I did the above in exasperation at the very unclean upgrade from 5.0- 4493-7 --> 5.1 --> 5.2 All seemed to upgrade fine (using relevant version Xenoboot at each step) but then things went pear shaped:- upon reboot after "successful" 5.2 upgrade, I could not get into NAS. Reason:- eth0 had not set an IP address! Manually set IP and netmask(which didnt stick between reboots) and things like Time Line now dont work. By this stage I did a "clean" install (to a spare new drive) and confirmed no prob with eth0 for that. Really regret upgrading and could not downgrade from 5.2 to 5.1 as it threw an error can't revert from 5565. Any suggestions?