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      DSM 6.2-23739 - WARNING   05/23/2018

      This is a MAJOR update of DSM. DO NOT UPDATE TO DSM 6.2 with Jun's loader 1.02b or earlier. Your box will be bricked.  You have been warned.   https://www.synology.com/en-global/releaseNote/DS3615xs
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  1. NanoBoot and Broadcom NetXtreme II 57xx

    Anyone able to help?
  2. I am having an issue with all versions of NanoBoot and my Dell 2950. It has a Broadcom NetXtreme II 57xx chip and seems to be recognised but the interface fails to be brought up. Running "ifconfig eth0 up" returns "ioctl 0x8914 failed: no such file or directory" Another user had a similar issue with GnoBoot and was able to add a firmware/driver file to the"/usr/syno/hotplug/firmware/bnx2/" folder. However this folder is not present on NanoBoot and when created and populated with said file upon reboot this folder and file disappear. Can anyone with NanoBoot experience help me to resolve this issue?
  3. Problems with gnoboot install on Dell PowerEdge 2950

    I have the same issue on my 2950. How are you able to log in with out a password set? Otherwise I thought about mounting the zImage but that's apparently not a simple task. Thanks in advance!