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  1. Yes SATA seems to be working flawlessly, I wonder if it has performance impact.
  2. I encountered an issue when trying to pass-trough HDD on DSM7. After fresh red-pill DS3615xs installation I followed the Proxmox documentation to mount two 4TB HDDs to the VM via shell commands qm set 999 -scsi0 /dev/disk/by-id/ata-WDC_WD40EFAX-XXXXXXX_WD-WXXXXXXXXX31 qm set 999 -scsi1 /dev/disk/by-id/ata-WDC_WD40EFAX-XXXXXXX_WD-WXXXXXXXXXN2 after booting I see the drives in Synology Storage manager but I can't create a storage volume See screenshot for error "disk_reason_template_0" But the storage manager clearly see's both of them Any ide
  3. Success! Thank you very much for your patience with me. I have been able to spin up a ds3615xs and will now try alternative versions to start testing backups between my real synology's and the vms's. Thank you again!
  4. @haydibe I followed your instructions 1:1 making absolutely no changes but when I start the VM I end up in a boot loop with the VM not seeing a boot-able device
  5. Thank you very much again. Your help is very much appreciated. I did look at the post but I assume my lack of technical understanding is the culprit, please excuse me. I followed your instructions but its missing the USB boot portion. Would you mind sharing how to appropriately usb-boot the vm? I tried adding a USB Device via pass-through (both via port and device id) which then enabled me to boot and create the image. However at the end of that process I am still presented with the corruption error. So I assume adding a USB device like I do is the issue and I am trying t
  6. Yes I am on Proxmox 7. I mounted the image that you get after the creation as local disk SATA0. I did not have success booting into the boot-loader any other way. Are you saying I should try booting the image via USB?
  7. Thank you! I have now been able to build the boot loader but I am unable to install DSM. I get to the initial setup where I need to upload the .pat file but encounter a "corrupt file" error. Any pointers to what I could be doing wrong?
  8. Does anyone have a Proxmox template to share? I have been trying to work this out off this tutorial but when I try to install the .pat I get a corruption error.