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  1. Stopping at "booting the kernel" is normal. Use to discover the VM on your network. If additional troubleshooting is needed you will need to setup a serial interface with the VM to check the boot process.
  2. GUI - use Winscp, filezilla, or similar to extract immediately after building. Or something like sshfs via command line.
  3. If you are able to connect via serial, you will see the IP Address being assigned.
  4. It may be the volume mapping. On my install (broadwell 7.0.1-xxxxx) (i'm still testing everything for now) I was able to download the images from the registry and import the container settings from my previous 6.2 install. All looks to be working fine.
  5. Now you can focus on cleaning that desk
  6. I'm using proxmox... but I followed the instructions here Post your output and someone may be able to help.
  7. I'm not too familiar with VMware, but in proxmox you would assign a serial port to the vm, then from the host's shell, qm terminal VMID.
  8. Do you have a serial connection on the VM to terminal in and monitor boot progress?
  9. Yep, i'm an idiot. Thanks haydibe! Now building with broadwell, I'm missing tools. I'v confirmed the toolkit URL is correct and I see an outgoing attempt to get there via firewall. tc@box:~$ sudo ./ build broadwell-7.0.1-42218 jq: error (at <stdin>:1): Cannot iterate over null (null) jq: error (at <stdin>:1): Cannot iterate over null (null) Loader source : Loader Branch : develop Redpill module source : : Redpill module branch : develop Extensions
  10. pocopico this is fantastic work! So I'm trying to throw 4 cores at this in proxmox. I've generated a DS3617xs serial using serialgen. I'm running the build using the bromolow-7.0.1-42218. Upon boot she thinks she is a DS3615xs with 2 cores. What am I missing to boot as a 3617?