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  1. Many thanks to @pocopico and @haydibe. Now I had installed bromollow 7.0 on my Proxmox home server successfully. It works perfectly.
  2. Hi, everyone, I can boot from the USB or from vm disk(sata0). But both stop at "boot tinycore for loader creation". I'm installing it on Proxmox vm. I had installed 6.2.3 successfully before which is running smoothly. What should I do? Thanks. BTW, I found that there is a bug in UEFI bios vm which can not boot tinycore loader. After changing the bios from UEFI to Seabios, the tinycore loader boots successfully using USB or vm disk(sata0).
  3. Got it! Thank you! I misunderstood it. I misunderstood as a v4.4 version! I can download the zip through I cannot git clone.
  4. @pocopico , How can I download the tinycore 4.4 version disk image? Due to a bad internet access to GitHub, I can not clone the loader source code. Thanks in advance!
  5. Use The mirror is temporary not available.