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  1. Hey dudes, thx for all your great work and effort. I have installed the linux ext2 filesyten on my "work" pc, taken the usb from my "diskstation" computer and pluged it in to the "work" pc, found the vender file and open it with the "XPEnology Vender File Patcher v1.0.0.1" and randomized it all and patched the venderfile and overwrote the one from usb. Pluged it back to my "diskstation" computer and booted it up, however the mac adresse is the same in the synology assistent as before, and the serial is also the same. But if i open the vender files i created with random patches the hex values aint the same. Which leads us to the questions I would like to ask, is things then ok or did i something wrong ? Thx in advance mengis the menace