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  1. There's no need to worry, I added a 4TB drive to my existing 4x4TB SHR volume on 5.1 5022-4 and it expanded with an error. When you get "failed to expand error", simply boot onto Ubuntu and fix the allocation blocks using the terminal. Check this guide: http://idmedia.no/general/expand-volume ... esnt-want/
  2. ahhui90

    Shared folder not accessible

    Hi, I updated the nas to 4493 update 7, did a hard reset when it got stuck at "POST INIT" Then I mounted two more new drives to it and I couldn't find the shared folder at all. Is there a way to recover this? Tried accessing admin's permission but the folder isn't there. It's currently expanding into the two new drives and I can't shut it down for a reboot, probably for the next few hours or so. Thanks in advance for any help! Pictues attached below. edit: all hard drives are working fine, no SMART errors.
  3. ahhui90

    Migrate from Synology to N54L

    wow even with this dsm port it works as usual? 1) create the nanoboot usb drive 2) insert all 4 existing drives 3) boot from the nanoboot 4) choose a certain option (i remember seeing a screenshot before, is it migrate?) 5) back in business is this right?
  4. ahhui90

    Migrate from Synology to N54L

    thanks for the heads up, looks like crashplan is out of the question. is there any other reliable offsite host that has higher dl/ul rates?
  5. ahhui90

    Migrate from Synology to N54L

    I read somewhere that the initial installation of xpenology requires a hard drive that will be wiped and then initialised with DSM. Is it possible to do that with the included hard drive by installing it using ODD sata port? of course BIOS mod will be done before that. once i get DSM up and running, i'll pop in the existing 4 hard drives in the cold swap bays and see if there's a new volume appears?
  6. ahhui90

    Migrate from Synology to N54L

    Hi everyone, I'm new here. Found out about these DIY NAS systems and it seems like an option for my expanding volume. I've ordered a N54L and would like to migrate over from a Synology DS413j due to its speed. Main purpose is to serve as a SHR volume for media files. It is lagging when using torrent seeding and bluray streaming. Is there a way for me to move over without buying any additional hard drives? I'm considering using crashplan as a temporary solution to move my files (~8tb) onto the cloud, move the hard drives over to the N54L and then download them again.