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    Added new HD to the current volume

    Hi Xpeh, Thanks for the reply. I did SHR.
  2. Hello all, I have installed the Synology and made volume 1 with (2x1TB HD) . Now I added one more HD (2 TB) which did show up. I went to Volume->Manage-> Extend Volume by adding HD after which it seemed to be doing something however, within minutes it stopped. When I checked the volumes it was still the original space and the Disk 3 (was now not even being shown). I thought time is an issue so waited for 40 hours still no effect? If you need more details on this please let me know. Not sure if there is a way to initialize the disk from Linux kernal?
  3. ndp125

    Error when installing on Intel ss4200EHW NAS

    Thank you again dfds. So was finally able to figure out the problem. I had a faulty drive as well as the ethernet port. When I directly plugged into the router - saw that even the cable was faulty. In the end all I had to do was get a new cable plug directly into the router and make sure that the boot was from USB (my hardware seems to forget that everytime a new HD is added so had to make sure in the BIOS the USB is the boot device and I am all set....
  4. ndp125

    Error when installing on Intel ss4200EHW NAS

    Hello Everyone, Does anyone have any suggestion as to why network timeouts? I have a the GB switch in place (no connectivity issues as I do have other devices). I get to the screen identifying the NAS device , IP address etc. but as soon as I click 'Connect' it complains of network connectivity ! Tried with Nanoboot as well as Synoboot (not sure what is the difference?) Thanks in Advance for help !
  5. ndp125

    Error when installing on Intel ss4200EHW NAS

    Ok the ping problem was with regards to network - Had a faulty port. Now the 2nd error message which is when I type the IP address of the NAS device and synology web assistant starts however, it says "Connection Failed check your network settings" I have currently connected directly to my router where other devices are connected and all are working fine.
  6. ndp125

    Error when installing on Intel ss4200EHW NAS

    Thanks DFds, I tried with only one disk. 1) Put the Synaboot-5-beta.img on the USB stick again and booted the system 2) The system brought me to Diskstation login prompt 3) I tried to ping diskStation and it didn't work this time - so I have no way of knowing it's IP (My router also doesn't show the info) Stuck at this point so is there any other means of booting ? Nanoboot or GNUboot? Can I use that?
  7. Hello, I got two SS4200 NAS devices http://www.amazon.com/Intel-SS4200EHW-E ... B00113W6NO I was able to install in one of them but just keep getting errors in the 2nd device. I followed the steps in the link In summary: Now this worked fine in the first NAS device however, in this second device - I was able to go still step 3 where it started formatting the HDs and reached 40% at which it mentioned there was error and need to contact support. I tried to shutdown the NAS device boot back again this is where the problems started Sometimes I was able to reach till step 3 (same error) and other times at Step 2 (can't even ping the NAS device). Any thougths on where I am going wrong? (Don't know how it worked first time and doesn't in this case- The only difference is the first one only had a single HD 1TB while this one has two of them 2TB each ) If you need additional information please let me know. I am pretty confident that the hardware is not the issue since I saw this worked perfectly on my friends device and mine too. One other question: (Sorry am a bit new at this) the Synaboot USB stick that I use to login to the NAS device has a username and password? Where can I get this default information ? (login and password). Thanks for your help.