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    Gigabyte MINI-PC

    My router asus ac66u is configured default WAN MTU 1500. My xpenology is configured default 2000 , and I tried to put 9000 , but result it's the same.
  2. Good afternoon, hardware: GB-BPCE-3455 j3455 cpu --8GB RAM -- 4TB WD RED I installed xpenology good bootloader 1.04b with 918+ and DSM firmware 6.2.3-25426 Update 3 I created a volume on ex4. It turns out that when transferring an iso file, I have speeds around 80mb/s, but however it is not always constant, I have drops that go from 0mb/s and back to 80mb/s. the cables are CAT.6 and I have the equipment at gigabyte.