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  1. The initial connection with my DS Cam is very slow when I connect to it using my domain name. I have setup Acme.sh and use Cloudflare as my DDNS (without proxy). For security reasons I already have set-up 2FA. It just makes it so much easier to automatically back-up my photos when I'm at another location, for example, without setting up a VPN connection every single time. Which is the reason for me to connect with my DS apps using my own domain, without VPN. So far every app works fine, except for DS Cam. The initial load of the camera can take minutes. As soon as the camera is loaded, everything works smooth. I just changed the address to my local static address of the NAS and set-up a VPN connection and now the initial load only takes 2 seconds. So something is causing a very slow connection, but I'm not quite sure what. Is it Cloudflare or something else. Anyone with a similar experience?
  2. At the moment I'm just using SSH to get this done, in combination with CircleCI. Just for security I disabled password authentication through SSH, so it's only possible using a private key.
  3. It would be awesome if Synology could run a script, defined in Task Scheduler for example, when a certain end-point is called by Github. My intention is to use Github webhooks to run a script created by keestalkstech when my repository is merged with "main". So not running the script using a cronjob. Is there anyone who was able to fix something similar?
  4. I'm running DSM 7.0.1-42218 Update 2 (Tinycore Redpill) on my Gen8 Microserver. The system consists of 3 harddrives of 4TB, running in Raid 5 and one SSD Cache of 250 GB I installed this system using pocopico's scripts. I'm using the EXT filesystem so if redpill stops working, my data stays safe or is at least recoverable. The Memory Leak: There seems to be a memory leak because my memory is constantly at 89%, even though Docker only uses a fraction as well as the rest of the system. My Task manager doesn't show anything using more than 20 MB of RAM at the moment. So not sure where the memory is going. If I look at the past year (since the last boot), the memory just keeps rising. I actually hope the latest version 7.1-42661 Update 2 might fix the problem. But of course I'm not sure. I'm actually wondering what are your thoughts and if an update is required, what would be the best way: - installing a fresh tinycore redpill and init the harddrives - something else....
  5. Issue has been solved. Just needed to replace the USB drive with another one, seems to be something wrong with the 64GB I used. Now it works fine.
  6. I am using pocopico's tinycore-redpill to build bromolow-7.0.1-42218 for my HP microserver Gen8. At first everything seemed to work fine, but because of some boot issues (my USB wasn't found most of the time, probably because of a BIOS issue), I updated my BIOS to a new version. Ever since, I cannot get my Xpenology working anymore. Booting the system from my USB works fine and https://find.synology.com successfully finds my system, even uploading the DSM_DS3615xs_42218.pat goes well. But as soon as it needs to restart the system and the 10 minutes has been passed, I get a "Something went wrong" message (see below image): Revisiting the same URL (https://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:5000) results in a new installation process: I cannot resolve the issue.... for some reason it doesn't finish the installation correctly, but I don't know why. Any thoughts? BIOS version: HP BIOS J06 04/02/2013 My user_config.json { "extra_cmdline": { "pid": "0x1666", "vid": "0x0951", "sn": "*************", "mac1": "00********70", "mac2": "00********71", "mac3": "00********72", "mac4": "00********73", "netif_num": "4", "SataPortMap": "6", "DiskIdxMap": "00" }, "synoinfo": { "internalportcfg" : "0xffff", "maxdisks" : "16" }, "ramdisk_copy": {} }
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