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  1. Grub.cfg is in the first partition of the usb stick? I read there is a windows app that will load it up and mount it for editing. Will try later. Thanks.
  2. Was wondering how you edit grub.cfg after the fact such that you just want to make a minor change like add new network adapter mac addresses? Suppose you have to mount the partition via ssh? Not sure how.. Thanks
  3. This is weird. The first and third lan devices have the same ip address and same mac address. Not sure if that did anything short of duplicating the first lan port.
  4. Flyride came up with a solution that worked for me. Had to edit sysoinfo.conf file and change maxlanport setting to 3 from 2. This worked. Now have to figure out if I need to do anything special to combine all the lan ports into one.. Thanks
  5. Yes I'm using DS918+ and Jun's 1.04b loader. Not sure how to modify maxianport but will attempt to ssh and figure it out. Thanks Edit: Thanks for the tip! It worked! Now all three ports are working! Next was wondering do I have to do anything special such that all three lan ports are merged together? Thanks again!
  6. No I have not deactivated the built in Killer port because that one works and thought three ports would be good for bandwidth. Not familiar with the netif_num 3 setting. Will reboot in Windows and take not of the mac addresses which I neglected to update. Will try it out and see what happens. Thanks for the tip. Thanks.
  7. Thanks for the links. They do reference that the 82571 should have native support but for what ever reason the second lan port doesn't get activated. Must be limitation in the dsm driver. Both ports work in Windows. I ran lspci on the devices and I see both 8086 -xxxx (don't remember will update). One has a '/' backslash before it. Not sure what that means. Anyhow be easier just to buy a supported dual lan card thats on the supported thread than figure this out. Thanks.
  8. Hi, Not really doing my research I purchased a Intel 82571 controller from amazon: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B098L7NCM9/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Anyhow only one of the ports is recognized and turned on. Both work in Windows 10 so guessing 6.2 support for that card is lacking. Any way to get the drivers for that card compiled and installed turning on both ports? If not I'll pull the card and put it else where. Thanks.
  9. I just tried to use a dual port Intel 82571 controller and only one of the rj-45 ports was functional. The other one was lame. Was able to dual boot Windows and both ports worked there. The 82571 card claimed Ubuntu support so I hoped it would work like I wanted but it did not. Got to say though the throughput was insane with three rj-45 ports total.
  10. Got ds918+ going with 1.04B on the G3258 Pentium on ver 6.2.23739. At first I thought it was broken or not compatible with the Killer Lan but was able to find the ip address and login and set it up. Tempted to update the individual packages but not sure if it would break anything. Wonder if the new 7 version thats available would work but been warned so not going to do it. Learning its ins and outs right now. Thanks
  11. I unchecked this option on my initial install. Is that the right thing to do? Thanks
  12. Possible virus warning. Not an expert but my Eset Antivirus went off immediately after starting the 1.04b loader that the Xpenology Tool provided via its automated link. Eset said something like malicious attack warning and ARC attack warning - blocked. Not sure if false alarm or not but I went back to the initial email I got from Xpenology.org and used the download links in the email instead and this time no warnings. Not sure why. Thanks
  13. So I just wanted to confirm that 1.04b does indeed work with Killer 2205 lan devices. However I had difficulty using the Synology assistant or the web find app to locate the device. Had to go into my router and search all my 'connected devices' to find the ip address and use that instead.