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  1. Works perfectly on my ESXi. I didn't use however any OVA files but just cloned my DSM machine (with synoboot.img) and then installe DSM from scratch. Also I mounted folder from NAS1 on NAS2 directly in Surveillance Station as Remote. No need to use /etc/fstab What is the minimum hardware for the DSM2 I can set on ESXi? Currently I have 1 CPU and 1 GB RAM and it works fine but wondering if I can lower the ram.
  2. Any possibility of generating valid serial number? I'm not sure if using the beta version is the good way to think of backups..
  3. evolucja

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    Has anyone solved the issue Loader 1.03b 3615 not getting the IP in ESXi 6.7? Getting the "Screen will stop updating shortly" info and that's all.
  4. Hi, did everything as in the tutorial but the IP is not assigined from DHCP to VM and I can't access it... MAC is set correctly in grub.cfg and VM settings. ESXi 6.7. Any ideas?
  5. evolucja

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    I went from scratch and got it discovered once but wasn't working fully (GUI not accessiable etc.). I restarted and now I got the bootloop after the "Booting the kernel". Any more ideas?
  6. evolucja

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    Yes, I did it before exactly like you're saying. I have only one device selected in boot options and it is the USB: pqi not the UEFI: pqi
  7. evolucja

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    Any chance to get it running on ASRock Q1900-ITX? Coming from 6.1. After Loader loads no IP is assigned and I can't access DSM / find it in Synology Assistant. In UEFI I enabled all "legacy compatibility" - CSM.
  8. I'm on the exact same situation. Is there a working 5.1 build already? Some time already passed after the release..
  9. It looks like your transfer rates are 270MBps for write (1024 / 3,78) and 602MBps for read (1024 / 1,71), and they are not possible with standard SATA2 and HDD.. My result are much lower (93/75Mbps): Serwerek> time dd if=/dev/zero of=/volume1/DiskStation/bigfile bs=64k count=16384 16384+0 records in 16384+0 records out real 0m 10.96s user 0m 0.01s sys 0m 1.45s Serwerek> time dd if=/volume1/DiskStation/bigfile of=/dev/null 2097152+0 records in 2097152+0 records out real 0m 12.62s user 0m 0.52s sys 0m 1.46s can they be caused by the RAID 1 confi
  10. Does anyone has any idea why I'm getting such strange trasnfer speed results with following configuration? - DSM 5.0u5 - Nanoboot ( - Q1900-ITX + 2GB RAM - 2x3TB WD GREEN in RAID1 I made a ISCSI drive and performed a test. We can see the network is capable of full 1Gbit speed, however the transfer varies a lot during operation so the avargade result is dissapointing..
  11. What transfer rates are you getting on SMB protocol?
  12. - DSM 5.0u5 - Nanoboot ( - Q1900-ITX + 2GB RAM - 2x3TB WD GREEN in RAID1 This is a result from ATTO: However when I copy 2GB file using TOTALCMD I get ~47-60MB while uplading, and 60-75 when download (the speed changes during operation). Shouldn't I be able to get the ~100MB of speed when making such a linear copy operation?
  13. Hi there, any idea why i'm getting only ~40MB of file transfer speed? I used to have full 1Gbit/s on old Intel Atom Motherboard..
  14. +1 DSM couldn't detect any device, now it's working great