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  1. Just tried with it, fresh build completely with jumkey develop branch, but same result. I see the server while 30 seconds, and it restart. I think I have to forget DSM 7 on my machine
  2. Sir, Thanks for your replies. But I am not sure to understand : I am trying to build the image like is writed in the TTH repo (lkm & load). But you're talking often about the redpill toolchain by @haydibe with docker. Is it the right and only method to build redpill ?
  3. I see "Booting the kernel", at this moment my router give an IP to the network card, and 1 minute later the server restart fully. I tried others OS and jun's loader and it works. Dont know when you modify it, but I'll try again tomorrow.
  4. Can I ask you how you made the image ? I tried lot if times to build with TTH repo (lkm and load for ds3615xs 7.0-41222), added the t3g extension before create. My router see the microserver while a few seconds. But my Gen8 is booting in loop, during hours and hours.... Thanks.
  5. @OrphéeGod, it's seem more difficult than Proxmox ^^ Once the image created, I had tg3.ko in i386-pc and in x86_64-efi with OSFMount. Edited the grub.cfg with add "insmod tg3.ko" under "insmod gzio" Save and copy the image. But same problem, no network on the Proliant. I don't know what to do now. Maybe look Proxmox tutorial ? Edit : Trying with add libphy before t3g, testing in progress Result : Same problem, no network
  6. Thanks a lot again my Friend, I'll try this in few hours. I've already test with bnx2x and bnx2 but no success on HP Proliant Gen 8. I Hope proxmox is not the only way for this server
  7. Tried to add modules from @pocopico(bnx2x and bnx2) with OSFMount after image was created, but no success, no network We have to include modules (*.ko) BEFORE image is created ?
  8. @pocopico built the bnx2x : and I think it's the correct driver for the Proliant Gen 8. Have we add it with the loader generator ? I'm lost with that Thanks !
  9. Hmm, you're right, sorry for that. Server boot on the USB, and display exactly that. But it wont connect to the router wired by ethernet, my router dont see it. Any issue with the network card ? Thanks a lot for your replies.
  10. Yes, I used the same USB port and tried the rear too. On startup, we dont need keyboard to enter or other I suppose, cause I never wired a screen on the server. Fake hope inside Thanks
  11. Thanks for your reply, but it dont solve the problem. I'll be waiting like others members Thx
  12. Hi, Thx for your work, but it seem impossible to work for me. I tried to compile 7.0, 7.0.1, 6.2.4, and visibly the .img file is well created (with DS3615xs). Once copied with Rufus, my Hp Gen 8 don't boot while Jun's loader works fine on 6.2.3 Someone had to works Redpill wit HP Gen 8 ? Don't know what I'm doing bad... Have a nice day, thanks !