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  1. really sorry my mistake. You are so nice { "extra_cmdline": { "pid": "0x0001", "vid": "0x46f4", "sn": "1511LXXXXXXXX", "mac1": "001132XXXXXX", "DiskIdxMap": "0C", "SataPortMap": "8", "SasIdxMap": "0" }, "synoinfo": {}, "ramdisk_copy": {}, "extensions": [] }
  2. @Orphée Thanks,here is fdisk -l out both from dsm,i have installed mpt2sas module,loader can read it,but DSM cannot
  3. I install DSM on my Micro gen8 with redpill-DS3615xs_7.0.1-42218,everything is fine ,but I can not see any disk though H310 HBA,how can I edit my config in user_config.json file, here is lspci -k out Server : ESXi 6.7 ,H310 IT mode passthrough