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    DSM 6.2 Loader

    Thanks but the loader is not there, going for the reset
  2. freddyemmer

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    does someone still have the v1.03a img files?
  3. does anyone of you run baremetal with Intel speedstep enabled? The moment I Enable speedstep the NAS gets unresponsive when throwing large portions of data towards it.
  4. yes bare metal, I use wd red disks, two 1tb in raid 1 and one 3tb.
  5. i have between 90 and 110 mb/s per second from windows 8.1 over gigabit lan, from disk to disk.
  6. How are you running? Bare metal or hyper-v? What are your specs? What dsm version and what nanoboot version?
  7. Running bare metal again without issue no explanation found but I'm happy Freenas is not an option hehe
  8. My device was around 30w under full load with three hard drives.
  9. im not sure, i use xbmc on another machine but i have perfomance issues with NFS playback from my hyper-v config. This is driving me nuts, first issues on bare metal, now performance issues on hyper-v. hardware is tested and all ok, im not sure where to look anymore. Going to look to alternatives like FreeNas etc.
  10. smart info is not shown, you can use thiswalktrough for it, if disk spindown is working i don't know, it did not on my bare mental version because of the application that i run but if you want all those features why not just buy synology hardware?
  11. Esxi is not working on this setup at least not 5.5. Hyper-v is working but shows at my disk station not the correct operation temperature the rest shows up just fine.
  12. hmmm.. could always try going on vmsphere, my virtual diskstations are working better then the bare metal version, did you use virtual disk or assign them directy?
  13. is there an particulair reason you are not running on bare metal?
  14. what version are you guys running because i stil have some issues losing network connectivity after pushing data towards my nas. If i connect a usb keyboard i can login and reboot the nas but it is still strange. also data tranfser does not go any faster then 60 mb/s. my config is Nanoboot- DSM 5.0-4493 X64 with DSM 5.0-4493 Update 7, on a Q1900-ITX with two wd red 1tb in shr and one 3tb wd red. This problem only occurs on file transfers from and to the nas.