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  1. Hi @flyride and thanks for your feedback. Unfortunately the PC that I use has place only for 2,5" drives and I do not have free drives of this size at the moment. That is why I moved forward with the external one, modifying the synoinfo.conf files on the loader. But I hardly understand, what makes the difference between a loader stored on an USB drive and one on an internal SATA drive - what makes it hacky. Nevertheless I thank you and thrust your advice
  2. Hi friends, I installed XPEnology on an HP T610, booting from an external USB stick and having an external USB HDD as main drive. But as in the PC there was a small (16GB) SATA SSD, I just coppied under OSX the USB drive (all partitions) to the SATA drive. As a result, when I boot, I end up at the initial installation screen, the Disk station seems to be in a "not yet installed" stage. And when I try to reinstall, an error comes, that the drive cannot be formated. Any ideas how to resolve?