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  1. Hi guys so this is my adapter details. Looks like I have 15FA rev 11 see attached. How do we put the updated driver in the extra files? Wouldn’t that be up to @IG-88? Or can we add it in? And how do we do that?
  2. I haven't per say I have installed xpenology 1.04b 918+ using virtual box for now while I wait for the hard drives and a Intel C210 NIC to arrive once that is done I am going to experiment with that. The crazy thing is that my last server was from a ASUS B150 Pro Gaming D3 rig that has the same onboard Nic, so I suspect that it is the order in which the motherboard boots up, maybe IDK I will keep you updated Cheers
  3. Hi all Sorry total noob here, I am trying to make a new NAS system, I have had luck in the past and have made a success NAS with jun1.04b loader 918+ and have had no dramas with it at all with the hardware I had at the time. But this time I can't get past the findmysynology step and I think it is because of the Intel ethernet I219-V controller am I right? Anyway these are my Specs and steps I get up to in the setup Project Name = Backup Snology NAS 1. MB = ASRock B560 Pro4 - Chipset B560 2. RAM = 16GB DDR4 2666MHZ 3. CPU = Intel i5 10400 (BX8070110400) 2.9GHZ up to 4.3GHZ 12M C