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  1. Got a brand new Intel Dual Port NIC and finally I was able to get a web UI with diskstation! Unfortunately same issues still persist with my previous attempts to use other loaders, no disk found unless I'm using loaders specifically modified with MBR partition. Looks like I'll have to wait until the final release and wait for members to tweak the loaders as I have no idea how members like Genysys patched Jun's loader to work with MBR partition. Baremetal Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600, 4GB RAM, 3 physical disks hooked up via SATA directly to board, Intel Pro 1000 Dual Gigabit Ethernet NIC (3
  2. I tried updating new images like 6.2 with MBR support with the custom lzma from IG-88 but still no dice, I get an amber light on my LAN whereas it should be green indicating a gigabit connection unfortunately.
  3. Hi everyone, currently I'm running DSM 6.1.7-15284 on my baremetal machine with Core 2 Quad Q6600 and 4GBs of RAM and a mix of Hard Drives in JBOD Raid. I'm currently following the development of RedPill closely and was wondering the compatibility of this specific Intel NIC - 39Y6128 IBM Intel Pro/1000 PT Dual Port. As my onboard ethernet is an RTL8111/8168/8411 PCIe (Linux Driver r8169) and since Xpenology is super picky with network cards I haven't been able to update to any 6.2.x as none of the bootloader works and pulls an IP from my router DHCP's server. (From my logs in Synology itself,
  4. Tried everything and still NADA, now even with the original bootloader from the USB I've been using, my DiskStation won't even show up in LAN now, so gotta either hope that a new version of RedPill can take over the task or just find what bootloader I used for 6.1.7... big oof moment
  5. Tried booting with a VID/PID/MAC from my baremetal machine, using a R8169 built in gigabit NIC, doesn't grab a new IP from DHCP and currently is not working, running 6.1.7 with 1.02b Jun's loader modded with support for MBR storage. VMWare doesn't work as well unfortunately, it just doesn't want to go pass 56% of installing PAT file.
  6. Was testing it on VMWare and now unfortunately it can't even get pass the pat installation screen and is just costantly stuck at 56% and fail with a message of saying file corrupted as usual. Works on Proxmox still but yeah.
  7. Ok, after a few trial and errors, currently I've identified that DS918+ can't be booted and installed since the bootloader will be counted in DiskStation together and it will format that vdk as well(DS918+ only has USB boot option), while the DS3615XS can be booted from both USB/SATA(Storage doesn't work and will only show not compatible unfortunately), selecting booting from SATA doesn't prompt me to format my bootloader vdk image, anyone knows any workaround for this? (I'm using VMWare Workstation 16). However, it can be booted from USB and installed in Proxmox with no issues(Referring to DS
  8. Oh I've rechecked my config and somehow it automatically reverted back to e1000 for some reason.. changed it to e1000e and I'm getting an IP and currently have installed DiskStation on it, but right now another road block unfortunately. I've seen other people with the same issues here so.. it's a 128GB SATA disk mounted in VMWare.
  9. Thank you! I was successful in booting it up, turns out that it got assigned a new IP when it was booting from SeaBIOS, currently up and running! Added an extra 32GB VHDD to test and is currently working
  10. Hi again everyone, after looking around I see a lot of people recomending to do this on an ESXi enviroment so I currently have a VM with Proxmox 7.0 and currently I have DS918+ Apollolake booted and installed on it, but for some reason, currently it isn't booting up to an actual web UI, and checking in the noVNC console, this comes up, anyone has any idea what is happening to this? Would apprecaiate any help given. This is after the installation of DiskStation and it's in the pre-setup phase currently but as I've mentioned, I can't get access to the web UI with the given IP address.
  11. Hi everyone, new to the forum and this thread specifically here. Been spending the last few hours reading through this whole thread and I have made some progress. but nothing further. Currently I'm trying to boot DS918+ / DS3615XS on my own pc's VMWare Workstation 16, currently I have built the images with custom VID/PID/Serial/MAC, and have successfully booted them up in VMWare with no issues, but here comes the issue, the internet adapter that I've assigned (Changing vmdx eth option from e1000 to e1000e) doesn't look like it has showed up in the serial access and thus no IP has been assigned