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  1. I have a lot of problems, I don't know what. Are you able to generate an image for me for DS3615xs? Okay, however, I don't need help, I was able to install on Proxmox from this guide: But I found that proxmox is not the best option, so I reinstalled it on a pendrive and it works.
  2. I have error: "Errors were detected on hard drives 2 3 4 and the sata ports were disabled. Please turn off the DS3615xd server to replace or remove these hard disks and try again." I have gen 3 intel and MOBO with 3 sata ports. I have 7.0.1 redpill leader with DS3815xs, because DS918+ not work with my mobo
  3. Does any of you have an image for PROXMOX dsm 7?
  4. I have installed loader version 1.02B with .PAT 3615xs with version 6.1.7 DSM
  5. It actually works and is there any solution to put more than 1 virtual machine or do you need to purchase licenses?
  6. I have Intel Corporation 82579V Gigabit Network
  7. Hi, XPENOLOGY does not work on the 61H2-AD motherboard on all the other ones, but I would like to do XPENOLOGY on it. Everything turns on but the network does not search for a computer with XPENOLOGY. As if the network card did not support this solution and I have intel 1000mb