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  1. According to some post, you will need a valid SN and MAC. Mine is using a valid SN and MAC.
  2. ls /dev/dri and what do you get? Because mine one is working properly..
  3. @tocinillo2Try, DiskIdxMap=000307 SataPortMap=244 SasIdxMap=0 or DiskIdxMap=00 SataPortMap=244 SasIdxMap=0
  4. Mine is just to update partial of your questions: Yes, you can upgrade from DSM 6.2-3 to DSM 7.0. I had just done it do my production DSM server. FYI, if you use image from other user, you need to at least change the PID and VID. Please check your installed package vs the DSM package. Many packages had been remove from DSM 7.0. After you update to DSM 7, those missing package will become not available. and remember backup your data first... JUST IN CASE.
  5. Check the post that I posted earlier. Your problem could be resolved with that. At leat mine was... I am working to upgrade on my production 6.2.3 now.
  6. Okay, for those who cannot install DSM918+ 7.0 in baremetal. Seem like I had found the solution. This should fix for those who keep stuck at 40% or 55% with error message. NOTE: As tested with legacy and UEFI boot. I only manage to fix it with legacy boot. Require tool: telnet / serial com (I am using telnet). Reminder, telnet will only start when installation failed. Which mean when you see the error message appear during DSM installation, you can start to initial telnet to your PC. I tested at my laptop, now successfully run DSM7.0 First: M
  7. I have the same problem like yours in baremetal. Somehow, the pen drive is not able to map or load properly. Still looking for fix now...
  8. ls /dev, couldn't find any /dev/sdx. All I got is the internal SATA /dev/sda 1st USB it is 100% sure using the correct PID and VID 2nd USB (newly formatted), manually edit the PID and VID during boot command <- will this work? I am using RedPill official git to generate the loader.
  9. I formatted another USB facing the same result. May I know how to make sure the USB is loaded correctly? I also notice another error: Jan 1 00:00:35 raidtool: disk/disk_port_to_container.c:38 Unknown diskType Jan 1 00:00:35 raidtool: partition_path_enum.c:29 Failed to parsing device: name Jan 1 00:00:35 raidtool: external/external_disk_port_check.c:158 expected sdx or /dev/sdx, not ram, not match any port type Jan 1 00:00:35 raidtool: disk/disk_port_to_container.c:38 Unknown diskType Is it my USB does not mapped??
  10. Okay, I managed to telnet into baremetal, notice that my SATA Controller is able to detect by RedPill. The stuck at error 55% is due to there is no /dev/synoboot2. Anyone face this problem before?
  11. Tried telnet to IP address with default port23, it said connection refused. Is it use different port?
  12. Thanks for the information. I am able to get the IP address but I couldn't install DSM because it cannot detect my SATA drive. I want to check the log to see whether it is detect during boot. How do I check that?
  13. Hi, I try the redpill-loader with baremetal, I cannot access to any serial port, how to access the console from a monitor and keyboard? Because the screen froze at Booting the kernel...
  14. Hi, sorry... my problem is the baremetal cannot be install... at VM it works fine...
  15. @mcdull, I faced another problem at baremetal, installation will never pass 55%. Anyone know about this issue? I had make sure my PID and VID are correct. The pat file is used to install in Proxmox VM so shouldn't be corrupted. My sataportmap=1 because I am testing it on my laptop.