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  1. I never touched or changed that values. When I had that problem I downloaded the tool-chain again (v0.10 I think), cleaned the downloaded cached files with the command in tool-chain, and started from scratch. With pid and vid in correct order it worked then for me. Maybe the chipset C226 is to new for the DS3615xs kernel and you need to add a driver for it? My nas has Intel ICH7R that is working ootb with the kernel.
  2. I don't know that mainboard, but if there is no additional sata controller I would guess that the ports should have the same order as printed on pcb (sata0 = 1st and so on). If there is a second sata controller, that may be different. edit: I just searched a bit and it seems the mainboard has an Intel C226 chipset. That supports 6 sata ports, so I think there is no additional sata controller. I don't see sata4, maybe there is a header and no socket? Or e-sata?
  3. I'm still thinking that your vid and pid are mixed up/exchanged. vid (vendor id) for Kingston usb stick is 0951, pid (product id) is 1607 (your config file shows vid=1607, pid=0951). In the config file you have to fill pid first, then vid. That is a little bit unusual, so check twice that they are correct. I mixed up vid and pid some time ago and had similar problem, that only one of 4 drives was seen. With correct vid and pid it worked.
  4. Additional to haydibe I think you mixed up the vid and pid. Check if you filled in correct order.
  5. Even with a stable loader I would not try to upgrade the working system without a backup of the data. Write here what hardware you use (mainboard, nic, hdd, sata or sas adapter,...). If your nas is booting but not seen in your network, probably the nic is not supported. Try with an Intel nic (if you have). But first make a backup.
  6. You are right, my baremetal is Intel SS4200. But if these tests are useless for other hardware than Gen8, I will not execute them. Let me know if there are other tests which might be useful to run. SSH to the nas I used sometimes (so that would be no problem if the commands are written here).
  7. How can I run these tests on baremetal? I'm willing to try, but my linux knowledge is near zero. Are these commands to put in a terminal or in a script on other pc (putty)? Or do I have to execute it on DSM?
  8. Search for the posts from haydibe, there you find the docker tool-chain. You need to add some lines if you need support for DSM 7.0.1.
  9. I had an error with v0.11 when the folder (where I extracted the tool-chain files to) had a "blank" in the name (like: v011 42218). Without blank it worked ok (v011_42218). But I think that is an other error.
  10. I think if the nic is supported in the extensions from RedPill, then you can update to 6.2.4 or higher. @thorgroup: Is there already a working extension for for nic's other than Intel (i.e. Marvel, Broadcom or Realtek)? I have seen virtio extension, but that is for virtual machines I guess.
  11. I can wake-up my Intel SS4200 with "wol.exe". I also tried with Synology Assistant, but that only worked once. After that first try I couldn't login to the DSM, there was only a message saying no nas was found. I never used the Assistant wol before, maybe I made something wrong. With "wol.exe" I had no problem so far. I'm not sure how the Gen8 will will behave, but generally wol works if you use third party tool. If you want to use the Assistant, maybe further work/testing is needed.
  12. I think you have to change vid and pid (vid should be 0781, pid 5581) Edit: alredy solved, so ignore this post.
  13. Do you have drives on the onboard controller, are they seen? Maybe you can try that, if this is your test nas with no important data on it.
  14. I had the same problem some weeks ago (only one of 4 drives was seen in DSM, baremetal install on Intel SS4200, ICH7R). With a newer version of loader and tool-chain it worked. Not sure what the problem was, maybe cached data from previous try for loader generation? Now I always clean cached data and download everything again. In the earlier versions of the tool-chain you had to fill "vid/pid/...", in the later versions it is "pid/vid/...", I mixed up this because I didn't read carefully and filled in wrong order.
  15. I updated my test nas to 7.0.1-42218. First I had a small problem with the tool-chain v0.11. I added the lines for the 42218 version, but this time I used a "blank" in the folder name. The tool-chain didn't liked it and showed an error at line 75. I removed the "blank", then it worked. As next I think I have to learn how the extensions work and find drivers. My test nas has two e-sata ports on a SiliconImage 3132 chipset, I think I have to add a driver for it. I really don't need that feature, but if it's there... Maybe I wait for RP beta or final to play with extensions and test