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  1. face...you need fix libsynophoto-plugin-model.so:https://github.com/jinlife/Synology_Photos_Face_Patch
  2. DSM7.0.1-42218 HD630 driver fix i915.ko for DS918+ thanks @IG-88 and laojifuli replace:/usr/lib/modules/i915.ko reboot then:insmod /usr/lib/modules/i915.ko check:ls /dev/dri test: i9 9900t:ok support: i5-9400、i5-9600K、i9-9900T(8086:3E98) i5-10600T(88086:9BC8) i5-10500(88086:9BC8) 8086:3E92 => iGPU UHD 630, Low End Desktop 9 Series (original driver) 8086:3E98 => iGPU UHD 630, High End Desktop 9 Series (i5-9400, i5-9600k, i7-9700t, i7-9700) 8086:9BC8 => iGPU UHD 630, Low End Des
  3. build r8125-9.006.04 by DSM 7.0.0 Tool Chains/Intel x86 Linux 4.4.180 (GeminiLake)/geminilake-gcc750_glibc226_x86_64-GPL.txz but i add "insmod /usr/lib/modules/r8125.ko" at "linuxrc.syno.impl",the NAS (J4125 4*8125B)net don't work... How can I configure the network card to take effect,thanks r8125.zip
  4. Use IDA Pro decompile software to modify "scemd". God told me that only by doing so can the physical machine be installed normally. but I don't know how to modify it...
  5. The reason for this installation error is that there is an error in executing the external "update" binary file. The specific operation method is: manually modify "scemd" in the "/usr/syno/bin" directory, prohibit him from executing the "update" binary file, and instead point to a script defined by himself to solve the file parsing during installation.