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  1. GREAT! It's easy to make and install loader! It run very well in unraid vm. Thank you for your work @pocopico
  2. @pocopico Hi, I meet some problems with 9pfs, please help me. I use tossp's redpill-tool-chain( and ext list below to create apollolake-7.0.1-42218 jumkey.acpid2 pocopico.ixgbevf redpill-boot-wait pocopico.v9fs thethorgroup.virtio DSM7.0.1 can boot, but virtio ethernet isn't work. Also when I mount 9p, it report can't find virtio. sudo mount -t 9p -o trans=virtio,version=9p2000.L,msize=262144 hostdata0 /volume1/datashare0 [ 105.37867
  3. @pocopico @haydibe Could you recommend a 7.0.1 fork? tossp? or other one ? Thanks. I make with 9p ext in tossp fork, it's crash
  4. @uxora-com Is xpenology in dockerhub elder than in github? I create container in unraid from dockerhub, the file looks like old version without hostdata0/1.
  5. It's hard to do that, I have worked two weekends and can't get a working boot. If is possible, give me boot file please.
  6. @pocopico Can you add 9pfs driver in virtio ext please? I have opened an issue at github.
  7. Thank you! It's my target too. The host directly manages the disks, and photo app in DSM. Restore or backup data will be easy without virtual disk.
  8. Thanks, Does DSM moment work with 9pfs? I have tested same app(for example moment/backup..) didn't work with NFS in DSM6. Can you share your vm config? Looks like you use the docker DSM?
  9. Is it possible that support virtfs/9p in DSM? NFS directory is blocked in some DSM apps.
  10. Patch it to use software decode, or modify your vm gpu pcie address to 00:02(which is hardcode in dsm7 facedetect).
  11. There is a NFS mount fix for DSM6.23, it let photo/backup can use the NFS dirctory. Can you make a patch for DSM7? There is no method above DSM6 to support NFS indexing, because this limitation is already dead in the system code. If the system finds that the path is a remote path such as NFS, it will directly refuse to create an index, so it can only be solved by unconventional means. Problem, bypass this part of the code through reverse analysis. In addition, if DSM is running in a virtual machine, the system cannot read the SMART information of the hard disk, it will franticall
  12. Don't agree that, developer also need much more testers to test it, software is useless without users.
  13. I have compiled a 3615xs with acpid ext, but it doesn't work. Anyone can sure it work at 3615xs?