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  1. somebody checked phpsysinfo with plugin debian chroot(+apache)?
  2. I had problem with offline update. always information: The operation failed.Please log in in to DSM again and retry. So. In this case that wasn't problem with firewall , or connection between NAS and PC. Problematic was browser with plug-ins, or maybe... Opera. I try with clean IE, and Firefox-- update successful on both. i had problem only on opera 12.17 and 12.50, maybe with opera 25 everything will be ok,because this is not real opera BR
  3. maybe is one option more. sources from synology +config or any sources 3.2.40, because modules are not modified ( exception: sd ? and something) 1 compile kernel + modules. 2 copy modules to the NAS with nonoboot and follow j911 post 3 in case of problems: insmod mymodule.ko