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  1. My NAS CPU is Intel i3-3220, which is ivy bridge. 8G of RAM. Based on the link, DS3617xs should work. However, after the USB boot up, I can't find the NAS with Synology Assistant.
  2. 我知道MailPlus需要正版的license. 在亚马逊商店里看到有卖的. 是否可以买正版的license安装在黑群晖上? 谢谢
  3. I have seen that Amazon is selling MailPlus licenses. Would be possible to install it with valid license?
  4. Hello, I am new here. I've seen a quiet few people asking the same question (see the screenshot below) as I do. So I start a new topic to collect the solutions. I am thinking to buy a system to install XPenology. After viewing the post, I noticed that there are some hardware compatibility issues. I can't pull the trigger without knowing if the system is compatiable or not. There are many bootloader builds listed in this forum, how to determine which one if for me? Thanks