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  1. inuites

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    Synology announced the DS3617xs. is it possible to update the loader ? ... s#overview
  2. inuites

    Working DSM 6

    Did you change the SN and MAC address ? If yes, can you explain me how to edit the vmdk ? I tried to boot a linux live cd in ESXI and mount the vmdk but I couldn't find the file to edit… Thank you !
  3. inuites

    Working DSM 6

    Same for me : ESXI 6.0 u2, pass-thru of the sata controller of intel DQ67EP board directly to DSM6. I have created a Raid10 with btrfs and it's very stable since 2 weeks except (like everybody) I can not instal the latest DSM update. DSM6 is stable if installed under ESXI but too restricted on bare-metal What do you like in btrfs ? I'm just using basic functions of backup that why maybe I haven't yet found any advantage to use btrfs for now..
  4. inuites

    Working DSM 6

    I use ESXI 6 and btrfs works fine for me. My setup is under test since 14 days. I just have mount a small virtual drive. I wait more time before moving my Raid1 from DSM5.2 to DSM6 but to me it looks really good !
  5. inuites

    Working DSM 6

    Do you have better performance with your SSD cache ? Does it work well ? Last question, do you use two identical SSD ? Thank you !
  6. inuites

    Case Ideas

    There are not so much. You have this : But limited to 8 drives..
  7. Hello everyone, I've just installed ESXI 6 with a DSM 5.2 VM (1 thread). Everything is working fine except the CPU scaling. My CPU is not correctly reported to the DSM VM. Previously, it was working well with the script installed (S99PowersavingINTEL) (but bare metal installation..). setup : i5-2400S 2.5ghz ITX Intel DQ67EP 16Gb DDR3 XPEnoboot DS3615xs 5.2-5592.2 Now : test> grep "MHz" /proc/cpuinfo cpu MHz : 2500.017 test> cpufreq-info cpufrequtils 006: cpufreq-info (C) Dominik Brodowski 2004-2009 Report errors and bugs to, please. a
  8. How does DSM perform on VMware workstation 11 ? is it possible to use it as a reliable NAS ? How are the network performance (read/write) ? Thank you
  9. You should test with an other computer. Maybe the one you use to test your NAS is the problem (bad ethernet chip or something else.. that is maybe the bottleneck even if you have an SSD).
  10. Unfortunatly, it seems to be more complicated than it was for me.. Have you tested both NIC of your motherboard ? Maybe you can test with a Gigabit PCIe network adapter (if you have one of course) ? EDIT : I just realized that you have 3 ethernet ports on your motherboard. I suggest you test all of them.
  11. Test with an other ethernet cable ? With my NAS (I3 2100, 4Gb DDR3, RAID1 2*4Tb WD Red), I got same as you (around 60-80MB/s in R/W, but mostly 60MB/s). I hoped better at least in read (because RAID1 is normally very fast in read). I got the same results even with an SSD plugged into the NAS and in my computer ! Someone in this forum suggested me to change the network cable and ... now I get full speed in read/write (>100MB/s) !. Your setup is better than mine, you should get the same speed ! So check with an other cable..
  12. Thank you !!! I tested every cable from my Nas to my router and computers and I found the cable attached to my nas was a faulty cable !! By replacing it, I can now have good speed !! 80-110mb/s R/W ! All of my network is made of homemade cable (less expensive), but apparently one of them was defective. I really didn't expected that it can come from a cable. I realize that cable was defective since I owned my nas (3years ago) ! Thank you again "Aigor" DasMoritz --> Maybe you can check each cable one by one. Test the max speed obtained,… and start with the cable of your nas
  13. Hello, I have the same issue. My xpenology server is a Intel i3 2100 with intel Q67EP ITX and 4Gb DDR3. 2X 4Tb Red WD in SHR (raid 1). My transfert are very slow, always below 50-60 mb/s. I know WD aren't very fast but I too slow ! I made a Blackmagic speed test benchmark that confirmed me the low speed. I also plugged into USB3 port an intel 180Gb SSD to check if the issue come from the WD HDD or something else. Raid1
  14. What's the power consumption of your ring ? Do you think LSI card draws a lot of power? Thank you !
  15. Bonjour à tous ! Je me suis lancé à installer DSM 4.2 3202 sur mon nas. Tout semble fonctionner parfaitement, les performances sont au rdv excepté un petit détail : le bouton power ne fonctionne pas pour éteindre le nas. Rien ne se passe. Je dois alors le faire via la page web du nas ou bien maintenir l'interrupteur jusqu'à extinction (pas top…). Ca ne m'aurait pas déranger si mon nas devait tourner 24/24 mais moi j'aime l'éteindre tous les soir. Par facilité j'aimerais que ça fonctionne surtout que parfois c'est ma copine qui doit le faire et elle a pas trop envie de trifouiller sur l'inter