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  1. You should definitely go for the BIOS mod - I held my breath as it was doing it as I imagined that I could end up with a bricked system. But it worked first time. The thing that I dont want (we all dont), is an intermittent unreliable system. I am prepared to accept a lower working system. Though it would be nice to get 6.2 running so as to access some additional feature. Thanks again and keep us in the loop as to how things work out.
  2. Thanks for reply. I use the first LAN. It works on the 1.02. Is it possible to let me have snapshot of your BIOS settings for the CSM and Boot menu as I just cannot get 1.03 to be scanned in Find Synology. The Linux boot says that it is successful. Thank you
  3. I appreciate that this maybe a basic question but could someone confirm the procedure to load the extra.lzma & extra2.lzma. I know you have to mount the larger 30mb partition. Do you then just copy past and over right the two existing files? or do I need to do anything else? Do this makes no difference and I cannot load 1.04 as it appears some drives are missing. Thank you!
  4. As I mentioned in the other discussion, I was able to get the system up and running by using the CMS switched on in the BIOS The only successful install has been 1.02b on DS-3165xwith DSM-6.1-15047. Every function runs as it should. I have not been able to successfully run 1.03 or 1.04. Full details on the other discussion.
  5. OK, thanks for the link - will see if there is any light. Thanks again
  6. Hi Can you expand on the issue/fix? Thanks
  7. Just did some more tests: 1] As mentioned before 3615x 6.1 on 1.02b works fine after setting CMS to UEFI 2] No joy with 6.2 with either 1.04b or 1.03b 3] 1.03 after setting CSM to Legacy. Linux says its loaded and to Find. Synology etc. Finder does not detect DS 4] 1.04b on CSM UEFI. Finder will intermittently find DS. Go through process of installing . On reboot it fails and network lights not on. Seems to be close to getting 6.2 working. Any ideas where to try next? Thanks!
  8. Resolved thanks to VORTEX. Everything works great after he supplied a BIOS mod:
  9. Hi Vortex, Not to worry about the instructions. I did some Youtube searches and found a method that worked. Managed to load up 6.1 on 1.02b. Everything works perfectly on first attempt. Very happy and thank you again for your help in doing this. You Da Man!
  10. Hi Vortex, Just perchance, would you be able to do a step by step Idiots Guide to complete this task? I am not that dumb about doing stuff but clearly dumb enough and a little frightened to attempt in case of damage. Thanks!
  11. Well, that was unexpected! Thanking you in advance. Will give it a shot and report back. Thanks again.
  12. 1] Yes, if no hard drives are installed it will boot to Terramaster OS - if that original os is installed on the USB. If the XPE is installed it will boot. You get the success screen in the Linux boot display. 2] Depending on the version of XPE - you either can or cannot get Find Synology to recognise the NAS , More success with 5.2, 6 and 6.1. It goes through the motions of installing the DSM. However on the last section when it needs to reboot and load DSM, it just stops. 3] What appears to be happening is that when the OS is now on the HDD it is trying to boot
  13. Anybody available to help out here? Thanks!
  14. Thanks for the reply. Booting manually is not going to be practical for my needs.