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  1. Have you tried to boot from the stick? You cant see all drive partitions in windows because of the different file systems. If you change the grub config using OSFMount and flash the img with etcher your drive should be bootable
  2. Hey there :) im new here and tried to install the dsm on my thinclient t610. Used different loader versions: 1.04b (which probably don't worked because of the boot mode) 1.03b and 1.02b (DS3617xs) (which should be the correct one because of the old cpu and uefi / legacy support i think) I mounted the images with osfw mount and changed the pid and vid to the ids corresponding to my usb stick. (Is it correct that these numbers dont start with an 0x..?). I also set a valid serial number. Flashed this with balena etcher and if i boot from the stick the "ha