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  1. I made the bsp and config files of the new pat file for DS3615xs (I will make the bsp and config files of ds918+ later today) Welcome to test (I have not tested usability,If you can’t boot it, please leave a message to me!) And you can download the old pat of DS3615xs from here:https://share.llilii.cn/xpenology/pat/dsm7.0.1-42218/DSM_DS3615xs_42218_OLD.pat https://github.com/unknown-o/redpill-load
  2. Hello, you need to compile redpill.ko through the toolkit, and then use the version submitted by pr in the redpill-load repo.
  3. Has anyone installed DSM7.0 successfully? I have successfully installed DSM 6.2.4. But still unable to install DSM7.
  4. The current kernel binary patch seems to be completed. But I don’t know if it is redpill.ko compilation error or insmod location error.
  5. Ok, now I have found the reason, the binary patch seems to be unsuccessful. Although the installation page appears, the ramdisk error is still reported when viewing the kernel log
  6. Hello, I tried Force Install now, but this problem still occurs. I don’t have any options... I can only wait for ThorGroup to answer.
  7. Hello, now I have successfully injected the binary patch into the kernel, and successfully added redpill.ko to the ramdisk. The boot can now be started, but it prompts "File Corruption (13)" during installation
  8. emmm,I seem to have packaged successfully now, but there may be a problem with the way I added the binary patch, and now all the codes are garbled
  9. I can't understand how you repackaged bzimage, can you share more information? By the way... now you can boot the new kernel and install dsm6.2.4?
  10. It seems that we can only wait for ThorGroup to publish the tutorial. . At my half-hearted level, I can’t solve this problem.
  11. I can't get genzImage, So now I have no way, wait for ThorGroup to share more details
  12. Does vmlinux.bin here refer to the vmlinux of objcopy?and Where can I download the jun's script? emmm,In addition, I think no one should reply to this question and answer. This is a question and answer in June.
  13. I found that this does not seem to be zImage, it seems to be bzImage. Because when I checked the information, I found that zImage seems to be compressed with gzip,but this kernel uses lzma compression. And using the file command also shows that this is bzImage(see the upload image). I rummaged through the search engine results, but didn't find a useful one. Basically it is about how to compile Linux to get bzImage... PS:I tried to cut the head of this zImage and merge it with the modified vmlinux compressed by lzma to get a new zImage, but when booted with grub, the vir