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  1. OK, I just order an old I350 card online to see if I can run the loader. From what I read on the forum, RTL8125B is supported but not tested on every MB, I am hoping once I installed the os, it can still work.
  2. Maybe, but this NIC is out like for a year? so any suggestion about PCIe cards that works with currect loader?
  3. I plan to convert my desktop PC to a XPEnology NAS, but got stuck on the 1st step, the loader stuck on happy hacking screen, and no IP can be found. PC spec: MSI B460M mortar ( RTL8125B) Intel 10400+ Samsung DDR4 16GB Optane 16G + Toshiba XG3 500GB Loader DS918 - v1.04b + Driver extension,