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  1. Thanks KameleON, I tried installing yesterday with Loader version: Jun's Loader v1.04b DSM: DSM 6.2.3-25426 Additional module extra.lzma, extra.2lzma: NO Bare Metal CPU: Intel i7 RAM: 8GB DDR3 Hard disk: 1 x 1 TB (will try later with 2 disk) I could find the ds on but while installing it would stop at 56% and come with error 13. file corrupted. I have tried different USBs with new vid and stuff and also older .pat file for 6.2.2
  2. Hi guys, I am a complete noob at this. I am trying to build a nas to have access to Synology Photos to replace the google photos app. Would someone be able to guide me please ? I heard it is only with DSM 7 and I am not sure if there is a DSM 7 with xpenology. Thanks in advance Cheers, Momo