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  1. @Orphée @yanjun OK. So the Problem is Proxmox itself for the 918. And yes, the 3615 works fine here with Face Detection (without graphic card) on the same Proxmox Host as the 918 Machine. I dont think the graphic card has anything to do with the Face Detection.
  2. there is a code bug in the latest lkm version. It will compile but the rp is not loading on booting. Fix: sed -i 's/int unregister_sata_boot_shim(void)/int unregister_native_sata_boot_shim(void)/' ./shim/boot_dev/native_sata_boot_shim.c
  3. I am talking about 920+, not 918+ or 3615. 920+ is not supportet at the Moment and im trying some things. I know that the 918+/3615xs loaders working fine in Proxmox, i have building and running them myself.
  4. Have played around with building 920+ Loader. The good news is he is booting and redpill is loading. The Bad News is the installer dont detect any HDD's. In the serial log the Device is there, but i think the mapping needs some modifications for 920+. Testet in Promox.
  5. Same here. Also real SN/MAC Bug in 7.0.1 RC Version?! BUT, Face Detection in Photos is working here with the 3615 version, 918 dont work.
  6. Here are bsp files for 7.0.1 for everyone who has problems with manual patching the vmlinux 7.0.1-42214.zip
  7. I have manualy patched the vmlinux and made a loader for ds3615xs 7.0.1... it boots and i can install 7RC Version. Working so far. The Info Site in SystemControl is empty as in the beta 7 Version. Edit: 918+ is also working.
  8. The Loader can be build with 7.0.1 Images, the patches are ok, but when i boot up the created loader it jumps every time back to grub menu when it should load the kernel.
  9. As i said many times before, i am using Real SN/MAC and GPU Passtrough: ls /dev/dri/ card0 renderD128 That it CAN work is not new. The thing is we dont know why sometimes it works, and sometimes not. Thats the point.
  10. --- a/linuxrc.syno.impl +++ b/linuxrc.syno.impl @@ -138,6 +140,7 @@ fi # insert basic USB modules for detect f401/FDT echo "Insert basic USB modules..." SYNOLoadModules $USB_MODULES +SYNOLoadModules "usb-storage" # insert Etron USB3.0 drivers @@ -252,7 +255,7 @@ if [ "x" != "x`/bin/get_key_value /etc.d fi if [ "$UniqueRD" = "kvmx64" -o \ "$UniqueRD" = "nextkvmx64" -o \ - "$UniqueRD" = "kvmcloud" ]; then + "$UniqueRD" = "kvmcloud" ] || (grep -r -q -E "(QEMU|VirtualBox)" /sys/devices/virtual/dmi/id/); then insmod /lib/modules/virtio.ko insmod /lib/modules/virtio_ring.ko insm
  11. We are talking about Synology Photos 1.0.0-0154 Beta < DS3615xs DSM7 Beta, Facial Detection works 1.0.0-0190 < DS918+ DSM7 Final, Facial Detection dont work Is there a place where we can download the spk files directly? So we can test the Photos Beta Version on DSM7 Final.
  12. I use Proxmox Machines. New Machine with redpill and backups from the Disks of 6.x Version. Simple Upgrade Procedure:
  13. No they dont use HW Transcoding. With the 3615xs 7.0 Version (no HW transcoding support) Face Detection works fine in a Proxmox Machine. Proxmox Machine with 918+ 7.0 dont work with i915 or without. Legit Serial Nr and Mac Number for 3615xs and 918+. Btw, the i915 Driver integrated in the Syno Image works fine (Video transcoding is also working). So theres is no general Reason to replace it when its loaded fine: lsmod | grep i915 i915 1308361 0 drm_kms_helper 121033 1 i915 drm 310096 3 i915,drm_kms_helper iosf_mbi
  14. Why change the i915 Driver? i have a i5-7260U and integrated only all the i915 firmwares. Hardware Transcoding for Videos works fine, Facial Detection dont work.