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  1. Someone managed to get acpid extension working with ds3622xsp-7.2.0-64570 ? https://raw.githubusercontent.com/pocopico/rp-ext/master/redpill-acpid/rpext-index.json
  2. Try this: https://xpenology.com/forum/topic/7195-power-button-package/page/4/ Sent from my ONEPLUS 6 using Tapatalk
  3. M3kk

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    And what i need to use for that to get it working? Or with SasIdxMap=0 should the HDD's appear at the correct position? LSI 9211-8i in IT mode + onboard controller disabled. Thanks and sorry if i post in the wrong section :).
  4. M3kk

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    ML10 v2 E3-1270 v3 + Mellanox ConnectX + LSI 9211-8i IT mode (Perc H200), bare metal. All working fine. Clean install - Ok. Upgrade from 6.1 to 6.2 - Ok. Sent from my ONEPLUS 6 using Tapatalk
  5. Try this then: sudo -i, admin password, and then "vi /etc.defaults/synoinfo.conf, then type your administrator password. Press i, make your modifications, then esc. After that type :w! then :q!."
  6. Connect with SSH into your box, and type sudo vi /etc.defaults/synoinfo.conf, then type your administrator password. Press i, make your modifications, then esc. After that type :w! then :q!.
  7. HP ML10 v2. All working. Sent from my Oppo R5s
  8. Why you need that cpu and that ammount of memory for a NAS? Also wht WC for NAS? Sent from my Oppo R5s
  9. M3kk

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    Nothing fancy. Did the stick. Modified the PID/VID, mac, serial and did the migration. All setting and files remains. QC is working also. Gen8 microserver. Sent from my Oppo R5s
  10. M3kk

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    http://i.imgur.com/3N7OYZZ.png All working, including QuickConnect. Upgraded from 5.22. Sent from my Oppo R5s
  11. M3kk

    Working DSM 6

    Confirmed that HP ML10 v2 is working baremetal. Img from page 10, updated with img from the first post, edited with the proper VID/PID and making changes for no improper shutdown message. Sent from my Oppo R5s
  12. M3kk

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    Someome can make me an img with Win32DiskImage from a working bare metal build? Thank you. Sent from my Oppo R5s
  13. That info is hard coded in settings menu, based on the Synology modell, its not from /proc/cpuinfo . Dont worry, its okay . Sent from my Oppo R5s
  14. DSM is installed on all your 4 HDDs. Just remove one of uour drive and replace with one bigger one, then wait for rebuild. After rebuild is finoshed continue this with other hdds until you will change all of them with bigger ones. After you changed all then you can extend your volume to the max size. LE: this is available for SHR, Raid5 or SHR2.. Sent from my Oppo R5s
  15. Ok, but it should work like that too? At least theoretically.. Sent from my Oppo R5s
  16. Hello, what if i use this (or something similar) in my XPEnology and 1-1 of these in every other PCs and connect them with this cable. The QSFP port in the XPEnology and 1-1 SFP+ port tin the PCs SFP+ port. In this way i can use 10GBe connection from every 4 PC to the XPEnology? Or this QSFP card and cable is for another thing? Thanks.
  17. M3kk

    45 Drives

    What case you will be using? Sent from my SM-T235 using Tapatalk
  18. I installed it, OK. Installed the Update 2 too, sems OK (no volume dissapear), but some of my packeges dont want to start (Transmission, phpmyadmin, rutorrent, etc). Now i want to downgrade to the wanilla 5592 .. Let see if i will have the luck.. LE: Ok, managed to downgrade to 5592 without any uptdate, my apps stats working again .
  19. Yes, and the client is 8.1 with dual nic.. Not sure if SMB3 in the syynology is multichannel supported or not.. No one have this? Sent from my SM-T235 using Tapatalk
  20. Yes, LACP LAG is supported, but LACP doesnt double the bandwidth to a single device, but SMB3 multi-channel can do the trick, but i cant manage that.. I need help for that..
  21. Hello, i have DMS 5.2 with SMB3, 2 NICs, with 2 cable to the switch, a win8.1 machine with the same config.. How I can get speed over 1gbps between them? As i understand SMB3 multichannel should do the trick, but i still stuck at 1gbps, even the link is 2gbps on the synolo and on the win too (Adaptive Load Balancing on the Synology, the same on Win8.1). Tried without load balancing, still the same.. So.. how i could get over 1gbps between my win8.1 pc and a gen8 with xpenology? Thanks in advice.
  22. This is a good question! I am running a N40L but am holding back until this has been clarified I just tried booting on an HP Gen8 Microserver and had no ethernet or USB keyboard available once the login prompt was displayed. Re-loaded 5.1-5055 on the USB stick and all was back to normal. I'll wait and see how this develops but thanks for the effort so far! Gen8 Microserver here and the update went well..
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