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  1. Did you manage to figure it out? I have similar problem with 14 out of 16gb reserved ram. Even after adding disable_mtrr_trim to the grub.cfg file.
  2. Thanks! Read somewhere they removed one of the RAM sticks to see if the reserved RAM problem exist. Somebody switched places of the RAM sticks and it worked (somehow). Was thinking of creating a completely new bootable USB with disable_mtrr_trim line from the beginning.
  3. Ok will do that. So me not clearing off the partitions before burning the new synoboot.img file have resulted in the command disable_mtrr_trim not working? Since i still see same amount of RAM reserved?
  4. I just had time to try the editing of the grub.cfg file by turning off the NAS, ejecting the USB and edit the grub.cfg file by same steps as when doing it the first time. So using the OSFMount. I added the command disable_mtrr_trim. Then I burned the new edited synoboot.img to the USB, inserted the USB into my NAS. But still no difference, still same amount of reserved RAM. Tried to redo the process but now for some reason in Explorer window I see two USB drives whereof E: wants me to format the drive and Win32 Diskmanager wont let me burn anything to either D or E: due to error 5
  5. Thanks for the reply. The question is not regarding edit the grub file like I did before installing everything. Now after the installation and now that my server is up and running I just want to make sure what's the process of editing the grub file without messing anything up on my system are. What's steps should I take, can I edit without losing everything, without needing to redo the installation process. I searched this forum and with Google for days without finding my answer unfortunately. Edit: and I'm not using EXSi (I see you refer to some links using that) but
  6. No one have any ideas regarding how to proceed in best/smartest way to edit the grub.cfg file?
  7. Hello, Installed not long ago DSM 6.2 on my 918+ (AMD 3400g CPU, 16 GB ram) with Jun 1.04 bootloader. However I have some trouble with high amount of reserved RAM memory. From what I understand from the FAQ (https://xpenology.com/forum/topic/9394-installation-faq/?tab=comments#comment-83064) this happens sometimes and then you need to do some edits in the grub.cfg file. However I dont understand the process of doing that in the best and safest way (I want to use the same USB memory as I do now) 1) Turn off the system 2) Remove the USB, plug it into my c
  8. So I managed to get the HDDs working with the 3.3 pin mod since the disk are shucked ones. But next problem is after installing DSM I have 3 HDDs saying System Partition Failed and one HDD saying Normal. The storage pool says Degraded. How to proceed without doing any damage?
  9. Well thats the problem. I don't see any drives in bios. I have tried other sata cables without luck. Disconnected the cables and connected again. Still not visable. So how to solve it? Anything I need to do? AHCI is enabled, not sure if there is something else I can do? And as I also mentioned the drives are working properly, so they are not the fault. Edit: the HDDs are shucked ones, can it be the 3.3v problem? Me needing to tape the pin. But I'm curious if that's the problem since the disks have been working properly in my microserver N36L (hotswap).
  10. Hello, Tried to finish my build and installation today but it ended up in some problems. Tried to install 104b, 918 on following specs: Asrock b450 fatality AMD 3400g 16 GB 3200 MHz Corsair vengeance 4x12 tb 3.5 HDD (exchanged from my other Nas, microserver N36L, working properly) Built everything together, seemed to work and when I got to the stage of installing DSM I encountered a problem. Saying no HDD. I don't see any HDD in bios (3.7 fyi). Have disconnected and reconnected cables, tried another one without success. D