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  1. How do we solve this problems?
  2. If anybody could confirm or deny this behavior on (real) iOS devices, very much appreciated.
  3. There are many free back up apps out there. Best bet is to try a number of them and see what suits you best.
  4. Possible to change motherboard without reinstalling Windows 7?
  5. I would expect the machine to say to login using the local IP. Is this just a bug?
  6. As a test, try changing the IP of the machine to something else. Preferably one that you know currently can connect to the single server.
  7. Thanks for this, it helps.
  8. The thing goes into hibernation at 6% battery, can I reduce this to 1% safely?
  9. really helpful answer. My situation was a bit different but this led me to check the prefix and sure enough
  10. go into the bios and see if the HDD is listed
  11. check all the connections inside your computer. It is easy to bump a cable and pull it out of its connector, which will disable devices such as your hard drive or CD-ROM.
  12. Try doing a "Refresh your PC without affecting your files" (or changing your personal settings) or even a Restore.
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