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  1. Error 21 here. Tried to upgrade from 4493, Update 5.
  2. Did anyone else's 4528 upgrade disappear? I was on 4493, Update 5 and had the option to upgrade to 4528, but today when I logged in, I got prompted for 4493, Update 7. Weird.
  3. Has anyone been able to get the OpenVM tools to run under 5.0?
  4. Has anyone gotten VMTools working in this version?
  5. I was running 4.2 and noticed 5.0 to be a little bit faster. Overall, however, my network copy speeds SUCK on ESXi 5.1U1. I know it's EXSi but can't figure out how to fix it. I'd love to get 70+ MB/s. My hunch is ESXi's implementation of the network drivers for my MB are really bad. It's one of those Haswell Intel chips (can't remember which one). Although that doesn't explain why VM to VM transfers are so SLOW. Below are my avg. transfer rates when moving a 1GB file. Win 7 VM to Xpenology VM - 13MB/s Win 8 VM to Xpenology VM - 14MB/s Xpenology VM to Win 7 VM - 30MB/s Xpenology VM to Win 8 VM - 32MB/s Win 7 VM to Win 8 VM - 25MB/s Win 8 VM to Win 7 VM - 40MB/s Win 7 VM to Server 2003 VM (Windows Home Server) - 28MB/s Win 8 VM to WHS - 29MB/s Compared to my old setup of physical servers: Win 7 to WHS - 80MB/s WHS to Win 7 - 85MB/s
  6. You might have been hacked. Update to a higher version I didn't think 4.2-3202 was susceptible to the hack that plagued 4.3? I can't upgrade at the moment so is there a way to find out what's running and shut it down?
  7. I'm still running 4.2-3202 on ESXi 5.1U2 and it seems like my Synology VM utilizes all my CPU, even when idle. Has anyone else seen this? I'm using RDM for my drives, and really haven't installed anything else. Is there a way to see what's running currently and what's taking up the CPU? EDIT: Let me clarify - the CPU usage is high in the VMWare Console, but when I log into the Synology itself, CPU is low and it doesn't appear that anything is running. Something has to be, perhaps something that's not tracked by the internal monitors.
  8. For those using the vmware tools for shutdown, are you getting errors when you restart your Synology VM? I've tried several things, but if I shutdown using the tools, my synology volume fails upon boot up. If I shut it down normally, I get no errors.
  9. I don't think there's a way to convert it easily. The new system would want to format and create a new volume on the drives, once mounted. If you have an external drive, you could back everything up to it, create the ESXi build, mount the old drives, and then restore the data.
  10. I'm using 5.1 U1 and have no problems plugging in a USB drive. Once plugged into ESXi, you have to add it to the Synology VM. You should be able to do this while it's running. I've had success with both WD and Seagate units
  11. I think you will be very disappointed with the performance of of XBMC and any virtual environment if you use the N54L. But, if that's all you have, then I would recommend Win8.1 and Virtualbox. If you have Linux skills, I'd go with Ubuntu.
  12. XBMC requires a physical video card to work properly and so you would need vmdirectpath i/o for this to work. The n54l does not support that. (The MB nor CPU) There are several folks that have done what you want to do successfully on other hardware, but then you would need to buy a new CPU and MB. Search the VMWare forums - there's a lengthy thread on ATI cards and passthrough.
  13. I had a CP1285AVRLCD that I purchased years ago. Was using it as a UPS for my main system, but repurposed it for my ESXi box. Be sure to download the AGENT appliance, not the CLIENT one.
  14. I did this exact thing, but when I installed the vmtools, the system crashed and it ended up marking the volume as "Crashed" within Synology. I had to backup my data through a SSH session and start over. Instead what I did was create a script on the Cyberpower VM that SSH's to the Synology VM, shuts it down and then SSH's to the ESXi instance and shuts it down. The script works well, but even though it looks like I'm getting a clean shutdown, I still get a "Crashed" volume. Even if I do a clean shutdown from the GUI, my volume gets marked as "Crashed." Fortunately this time, the volume goes back to "Normal" after a couple reboots, but all my folders and settings are gone. Thankfully I've backed up the configuration and just o a restore. I had actually visited the forum today to ask this very question - does anyone else get a "Crashed" volume when they shut down their VM?
  15. Has anyone setup a SHUTDOWN script to gracefully shut down the XPEnology VM during a power outage?
  16. What are folks seeing for transfer speeds between VMs? I finally got most of my VMs setup and am not sure I'm seeing the best speeds when "writing" to the Synology. Could this be the hard drives? I'm using Samsung 1.5TB 5400RPM drives thru RDM. Synology VM --> WinServer2008R2 ~ 75MB/s W2K8R2 VM --> Synology VM ~ 25MB/s
  17. Any word or progress on the VMTools? I think I followed the steps correctly, but my vSphere control panel still shows the tools as "Not running."
  18. Same issue here. Works great under 3202, but when I try with the 3211 .pat file I get prompted to forward port 23. BTW - I've tried that too but same result. Guess I'll go back to using 3202 for now. I had this problem as well initially. I configure the VMFS disk to be type IDE instead of SCSI and it works for me. I've got the "boot" disk set to IDE and my RDM drive set as Paravirtual SCSI so perhaps that the issue. I'll try it with a IDE vmfs file and see what happens. I wonder if that's enough to get it loaded and have the ability to add RDMs. I also noticed on the 3202 instance that items downloaded from the Package Store seem to be hit or miss on living through a reboot. I downloaded 3 packages and only 1 of them was visible, even though it said the other 2 were installed. Seems that if I launch the package before the reboot, they stay visible. One more thing - a question for those who tried the open-vm-tools - how do you know if you were successful? I followed the instructions and the modules were listed as "success" but it still looks like they're not running to the vSphere Client.
  19. Same issue here. Works great under 3202, but when I try with the 3211 .pat file I get prompted to forward port 23. BTW - I've tried that too but same result. Guess I'll go back to using 3202 for now.
  20. Is this still running 3202 or has 3211 been patched to run on ESXi yet?
  21. Solved my own problem - wasn't shutting down the VM properly.
  22. Running 3202 in Virtualbox - initial configuration using 1 1TB VDI file. I wanted to add a 2nd and 3rd VDI, but when I power down, add the disks, and power back on, the DSM says there is no volume and makes me start from scratch. Why is this?