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  1. Hi IG-88, I will try to follow the commands given by Flyride (And hope he joins this thread too) that will give you an understanding of my situation. I am not that worried because I did not mess the data, it is a combination of bad lucks. First, a bit of background story. I moved to another place the server. Then i restarted it and totally forgot that I add to plug 2 RJ45 cables to its intel network card to see it on the network as the connection where binded to have a better speed. So I kept on rebooting it and could not see it. My bad is that I forgot to replug b
  2. Voila ce que j ai avant de faire la reinstall. Tu vois le disque 3 est en system partition failed. Mais tout a l heure tu as bien resume mon probleme. Je te repete par contre que je n ai pas touche aux data sur les disques. Comme tu les vois, je status des disques a change au cours du temps. Est ce que le numero du disque a un sens?
  3. Je vais rebooter avec ma clef d origine mais en boot default. et je t envoie un nouveau print screen.
  4. Oula, j ai maintenant ca apres avec choisi reinstall. Est ce que je vais perdre les donnees du disque 1? ou du volume 1? Ou rien?
  5. Forgot to add this : (and now in englishe heheh) - DSM Version : update 1 - Loader JunMod v1.02b - Installed on a motherboard on which I reseted the bios but since I put back the AHCI mode for the HD > Asus PQ5 SE2 with 4 HD - extra.lzma: NO
  6. Nico, j ai besoin de plus de precisions stp. Quand tu dis une reinstalle, tu veux bien dire de la clef de boot? Avec les memes parametrages? meme numero de serie?
  7. Forgot to add this : - DSM Version : 6.1 (la derniere je pense) - Loader JunMod v1.02b - Installation sur une mobo sur laquelle j ai fait un reset bios depuis, mais j ai remis en AHCI les disques > Asus PQ5 SE2. j ai 4 HDD. - extra.lzma: NO
  8. Hello there! I really need your help to save my data on my volume. I have an xpenology on 6.1 using Junboot 1.02b with disks in AHCI in bios. There is one volume with 4 disks on a Raid SHR (with data protection of 1 disk). The Overview says DANGER, the status is Crashed with 2 failed disks The HDD view says that Disk1 is in Warning, Disk2 is Normal, Disk 3 is Initialised, Normal and Disk 4 is normal I did not delete any data on the drive. I think there is a way to recover it, that is why I am contacting you. It is stupid but all my life and kids videos ar
  9. Salut nicoueron, Bon, en essayant de demonter un disque j ai pete la broche... c est la premiere fois que ca m arrive... Le RAID GROUP ne presente plus rien... Mais je n ai pas ecrit sur les disques... comment recupere les donnes? Dois je refaire un volume du coup? Ou plutot demarer sur un Ubuntu ou un truc de ce style?
  10. Salut, Bon, ca boot maintenant. C est super lent. Par contre une fois booter, et apres le log sur DSM 6.1.6 je vois que mon volume a crashe. Je trouve ca super bizarre que d un coup j ai mon volume et que j ai 2 disques plante en meme temps. J etait en RAID SHR avant le probleme avec 4 disques. Alors pourquoi on ne voit que 3 disques dans le RAID GROUP 1 sur la derniere copie ecran. Dois je effacer ce volume et le refaire? Vais je perdre les donnees alors? Merci
  11. Salut a tous, - DSM Version : 6.1 (la derniere je pense) - Loader JunMod v1.02b - Installation sur une mobo sur laquelle j ai fait un reset bios depuis > Asus PQ5 SE2. j ai 4 HDD. - extra.lzma: NO Alors voila, je viens de dememager. J ai donc debranche mon xpenology pour le rebrancher dans ma nouvelle chaumiere. Depuis il boot mais j ai un pb. Au premier boot je pensais que tout allez bien mais je ne voyais plus le syno sur son IP fixe. J ai debranche tous les disques et la je le vois dans Synology Assistant mais en Statut non instal
  12. Hello there, I have difficulties with setting up the wireless access point. I see the wifi and I can connect to it but there is no internet. My DS i using a Bonded network card with an IP of ( and is cable connected to a router @ Can any of you please send me the settings I have to use? Thanks
  13. Can you try installing and do few tests using a software "LAN Speed Test" : https://totusoft.com/lanspeed Did you do a fresh install? Can you do a fresh install and try?
  14. Hi bel, I had the same problem last week. (and wrote a post about that). I did a reset of my network settings only because i did not want to reset my all config. My LAN was super slow (especially the reading, not the writing, which is a paradox). I bought a dual LAN Intel Pro and installed it on my NAS. The problem seemed solved I binded (link aggregation) the 2 LANs of my card to have great speed over my LAN. This morning (and yesterday) I realised that instead of reading/writing at 700M I was around 350M. To be sure, i restarted my computer and redi
  15. OK guys, I did a network reset using : sudo /usr/syno/sbin/synodsdefault --reset-config However, it did not change a thing. Then I decided to buy a new dual network card "IBM Intel PRO/1000 PT" and tested with it. It is working greatly. I binded the 2 ports of this card and I reach 680Mbp reading and 750 Reading. Great. My conclusion is that JunLoader has a problem with Realtek 8111C, PCIe Gb LAN controller on the Asus P5A SE2. Cheers
  16. Flyride, perfect answer, you're the winner
  17. Hello, I would like to reset the server without loosing the data. Everywhere it is written to use a paper clip on the back of the server, but as I have an Xpenology, how would I do that? In the control panel, there is a factory reset button : "Erase All Data"... but it worries me to do that as it is "All data", so i presume all my settings. Thanks for your help
  18. Hello, I am using the latest DSM v6.1.6-15266 with Jun Loader latest. I recently did an upgrade from DSM5 with XpenologyBoot. Things were fine before... I did a read/write test on LAN and noticed that my Writing to the server was 420 Mbps and the Reading was 18Mbps!!! I do not know how to find the problem. Is it the loader? Is it a driver? Is it a DSM config? Thanks for helping me.
  19. Hello, Did any of you have done an update from 6.1.4 to 6.1.6 using the latest JunLoader 1.02b Did it worked ok? Is it as straighforward as the other updates? Do you simply install it inside the GUI of the Synology software? Thanks
  20. Hi Flyride and thanks for your reply. It is not the reply I was expecting as I was looking for a package to install to run a benchmark test. I totally understand your answer, but I suspect my hardware settings is not running my CPU the way it should, that's why I wanted to run my own test. You know you can slowdown (or overclock) a CPU and that is another reason why I wanted to do a benchmark.