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  1. Thanks. Ok. I didn't actually understand what you meant about my situation with my 3x 8tb hard disks. Are you suggesting that i could only add a fourth dish if it was a larger disk (not a disk with the same size capacity again = 8tb on fourth disk)? Sent from my SM-G975F using Tapatalk
  2. Thank you so much to both of you. Tbh i found this forum a bit confusing in terms of its organisation and had also got to the point where i just want a freaking nas instead of reading lots more stuff. Good to know the experience with xpenology. If there was some kind of usb image to just install all of this in one go then if be tempted to use it on some kind of pc us build (i can build ocs but can't be bothered to learn a ton of new stuff and don't have the time at all). What drew me to Synology was the fact it has a lot of apps written for it (third party), seems stable and especially the ds
  3. Hi there guys, I've been trying to understand the whole NAS thing etc, etc. Very vast and confusing! Please help. I decided on Synology but it's really expensive! I don't know much about xpenoligy at all. Question: Should i buy Synology 920 with 4 bays it should i go with another brand that is cheaper that has 5 or 6 bays and install xpenology? (And if it's an alternative which do you recommend?) i'd ideally like 5 bays NAS (or 6). i like the sound of synology - simplicity, it handles everything, DSM sounds the dogs doodars. Problem - The pr