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  1. I gave it up and started farming chia. I recovered the data from an almost up-to-date backup. Thank you for your help. (Sorry for lag but I was *blacklisted*?!)
  2. I tried a lot of commands: sudo btrfs rescue zero-log /dev/vg2/volume_2 sudo btrfs rescue super /dev/vg2/volume_2 sudo btrfs-find-root /dev/vg2/volume_2 sudo btrfs inspect-internal dump-super -f /dev/vg2/volume_2 Tried to mount: sudo mount /dev/vg2/volume_2 /volume2 sudo mount -o clear_cache /dev/vg2/volume_2 /volume2 sudo mount -o recovery /dev/vg2/volume_2 /volume2 sudo mount -t btrfs -o recovery,nospace_cache,clear_cache /dev/vg2/volume_2 /volume2 sudo btrfs check --init-extent-tree /dev/vg2/volume_2 sudo btrfs check --init-csu
  3. Is any chances to rebuild btrfs without ssd cache (loosing data from cache) ?
  4. OLD DSM version could be DSM_DS918+_23739.pat so also 6.2.3...
  5. Hi there, I'm have used my old 1150 socket stack to build xpenology. Info: Boot: jun 1.04 Model name: DS918+ CPU: INTEL xenon 1265L Total physical memory: 16 GB OLD DSM version: DSM 6.2.2 x ? NOW DSM version: DSM 6.2.3-25426 Update 3 2 x nvme as SSD cache (ssd cache to OLD volume2) 2 x 14TB WD white (problematic OLD volume 2, md4 ) 2 x some other hdd (volume 1, md2) have backup files (dss) One day it just did not run web interface, or more precisely, it booted from the pendrive but showed no more signs of life (no possibility to connect to the host, bu