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  1. jagwaugh

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    Yes, with that extra.lzma it now appears on the network.
  2. jagwaugh

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    Hello, I've been running xpeno baremetal for a few years now. Yesterday I went to update from the last nanoboot to Jun's loader (Thanks for the work Jun!). I went through the procedure in the tutorial (Thanks Polanskiman!). Boot is fine, but the box does not appear on the net. Mobo is an older Geforce with an onboard Nvidia NIC (forcedeth). Is the nvidia NIC driver included in the drivers with Jun's loader? Is anyone else using Jun's loader and an Nvidia Nic?
  3. /var/log should have vbox.log for the current boot and vbox.log.N for the previous 10 boots. This file contains detail information. vboxscripts.log (just one) This file just contains the start and stop of the guest VMs. see viewtopic.php?f=15&t=5350#p32723 have a look at /var/packages/virtualbox/target/etc/vbox/vbox.cfg, mine contains VBOXWEB_LOGFILE=/var/log/vbox.log Andrew
  4. AHA.... I didn't realize that was already there in 5.1. In that case, it probably isn't the issue.
  5. I see lots of error messages relating to avahi. Concentrating on them for the moment. The OS seems to boot and detect hardware etc just fine, so it may be a relatively minor thing. Did you notice the platform.ini file in the .pat? It may also be that the xpeno boot image gets left behind when the dsm52 tries to update the firmware. Andrew
  6. I've been trying to install this in a VM... seems to lose the network somehow. I can login on the console, and ifconfig indicates that it is obtaining a dhcp lease, but synology assistant can't find it after the reboot, and the web interface on port 5000 isn't there either. Andrew
  7. Mittel, I have imported .odf files created with both the previous DSM/Virtualbox versions, as well as .odfs created with VB on Windows. iirc I used odf 2 when exporting. Andrew
  8. DKeppi, Am I correct, on a real ds415+, with the real synology DSM5.1, and the fixed spk, the machine spontaneously reboots when you start a VM? What do /var/log/vbox.log and vboxscripts.log show? Are these imported VMs? Any chance you are importing a 64bit VM, but your VB host is 32bit - this would cause a reboot in VB 4.0.18, perhaps the error is back. Try creating a VM from scratch, single disk, booting from a simple install .iso like DSL or such, can you complete the install? Will the VM run? Andrew
  9. Your machine isn't exactly "hairy chested", neither is mine. Mine will do what you describe if I run a few Virtual machines, or do somethingelse that will fill up the system drive (md0). Try the command "df" in a terminal session, watch the % used on /dev/md0 - if this keeps going up and up over the course of a few days then something is filling up the system disk. What apps have you got installed? Andrew
  10. The .spk installer for phpvirtualbox works fine, but Package Center doesn't show the vbox.log when you click on the "View Log". It is a really minr point, but... if you want to get it to work: 1) edit /var/packages/virtualbox/scripts/start-stop-status 2) at the top, just below the PACKAGE_ENABLED= line, add a new line: LOG_FILE="/var/log/vbox.log" 3) near the bottom in the case section, in the line below log) replace: the line "exit 1" with "echo ${LOG_FILE}" so that it reads: ;; log) echo ${LOG_FILE} ;; Save the file, Now it works This works on DSM5.
  11. Remylpat, Works fine on my xpenology (dsm5.1), I just installed vim from there and it works fine. Are you looking under "all", or "Community" in the Package Center? Andrew
  12. DKeppi, I presume you edited the INFO file in the .spk, changing the arch= from "bromolow" to "avoton", otherwise I don't think the install will contine, but it is worth asking. Is the reboot immediate, or does it take a while? What happens if you remove the "fixed" spk and install the package via packagemanager? (Add http://spk.synologyitalia.com/ to your Synology NAS Package Center sources) If the "fixed" package is specific to xpenology then it may be making calls to modules that are not present on a real synology. Andrew
  13. So, after removing virtualbox, a reboot, and reinstalling from the latest download (file name: virtualbox-x64-4.3.12_DSM-5.1_fixed.spk) everything seems to be working fine again. After the reinstall all my VMs and settings were still there in the web interface, bridged mode now works, and the md0 filling up issue is gone. The .spk that I had installed from was an earlier version, named:virtualbox-DSM5.1-4.3.12-93733.spk - I am not sure where I downloaded it from, but it was apparently not "fixed", as the latest download _is_ Mittel, what was the name of the .spk file you had install
  14. I suspect I may have an outdated spk then, I am just downloading and will try a remove/install with the latest .spk Andrew
  15. Mittel, Does your xpenology box show as a DS3615xs in Synology Assistant? (i.e. are you using the 64 bit xpeno?) What does "cat /var/log/vbox.log" show? I'm not sure if you still need to scp the modules or not with the latest download from dodo, did you? Andrew