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  1. Ticket updates: One of my drives fails causing the whole loader freezing. Problem resolved. C1E disabled, USB loader marked with PID_VID, driver replaced, AHCI enabled. Gen7 N36L built-in network card is also working fine, making the server discoverable in the LAN network. Thank you very much.
  2. Thank you for your info. I notice the issue not causing by the C1E....and not related to any version OS. Issue updates: While I boot up my server WITHOUT HDD connected, server is discoverable in the LAN network. Works fine, GUI shows "no hdd detected". Good sign. But if I push all HDDs in the bays and boot up, server is not discoverable. I do not have any RAID card installed. All HDDs are connecting to the bay which mean connecting to the MB directly. Please help.
  3. Hi all. Please do help me. I stuck at the very early point for long time already. Thank you all guys in advance. Hardware: HP Gen7 N36L (with mod-bios) HP NC360T NIC (Intel) Bare Metal Environment Software: Jun's loader 1.03b for xs3615 USB grub file has been modified with the VID_PID, SN, Mac1 and Mac2 addresses. Issue: Boot from USB. Screen stays at "Screen will stop updating shortly." (screenshot) Wait 30 minutes. It cannot be discovered in the network. Scanning LAN IPs, using Synology Assistant, or