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  1. If you have configured virtual disk, you'd better using a virtual SATA controller. I'm actually using PCIe passthrough to attach my LSI 9211-8i to the VM, so the VM natively see 10 disks.
  2. I know there are tutorials for installing DSM on ESXi as "virtualization" by creating virtual SATA drive. I ran into DSM upgrade problem (Error 13) using that method. Finally, I've dicovered a way to let ESXi create an emulated USB storage for the loader (the BAREMETAL way)! 1. Get the loader. Either take Jun's loader 1.04b and do some customization, or take the modified loader here. 1a. Modify VID/PID grub.cfg If you are using the modified loader, the VID/PID has already been fixed. Skip to the next step. If you are using original 1.04b loader, follow th