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  1. Apparently my VID and PID files were incorrect. I forgot to add 0x in front of my values.
  2. Hello, I tried to upgrade my N54L from 6.1 to DSM 6.2. So I created a new USB key with Jun's loader 1.0.3 Once installed I wasn't satisifed. The system wasn't very stable. My packages were not starting automatically. So I tried to fresh reinstall my DSM. I have 4 hard drive. HDD 1 is my volume1 for the system and packages. HDD2/3/4 are my volume2 for personal data. I ran that command in SSH : sudo /usr/syno/sbin/synodsdefault --reinstall and restarted the server. The Synology Assistant indicates this version when it finds the server : 6.2-23739 I am now o