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  1. It's the emulated value. It doesn't read out any value from your real hardware. It was mentioned in the latest changelog/update of Redpill. Skickat från min GM1913 via Tapatalk
  2. No, they will show up as SAS/sgx drives and will not be detected by DSM. Skickat från min GM1913 via Tapatalk
  3. The mpt2sas and mpt3sas drivers can be injected, but as DSM won't recognize SAS drives as working hard drives it won't help. That's why it's on the Todo list. [emoji16] Skickat från min GM1913 via Tapatalk
  4. I think you misread ThorGroups latest post. SAS support is not there yet, it's one of the things on the list to be addressed before they will release first beta. No SAS no LSI support. Also official support for adding unsupported hardware is also on the list of things that will be solved. Skickat från min GM1913 via Tapatalk
  5. But seriously, we really have to make sure none is posting ready made builds or the entire project will be under threat. So I understand his reaction. Skickat från min GM1913 via Tapatalk
  6. Is your active user added to the docker security group? (sudo usermod -aG docker $USER)
  7. As has been noted many times over in the last posts, there's no SATA DOM support implemented yet, which means you can only boot using USB storage. It's also why you can't boot this loader on ESXi yet.
  8. Why not just swap out one hard drive at a time, let it rebuild, and then continue swap the next. When all drives are swapped out, just increase the size of the volume, or create another volume whatever suits your needs best. Having a backup of all the movies on another storage doesn't hurt in case something goes bonkers.
  9. You can't run anything newer than DSM 6.2.3, sounds like you're trying to run DSM 6.2.4 which won't work. Skickat från min GM1913 via Tapatalk
  10. Sorry for the name calling Your are absolutely correct, SMB/CIFS is the correct naming of the communication protocol. In FortiGate firewalls these services are all located in a group called "Samba", my mind is not what it used to be before my 2 year old daughter entered the world. Don't get me wrong, I love my daughter I really do, but I've never slept less hours per night than I do now. I got her sleeping now so I take the opportunity to answer now. Your right, it is also possible to mount FTP-shares the same way as Webdav in Windows as you show in your screenshots. Security wi
  11. Yeah yeah, Mr wise guy. [emoji16]Of course there's alternatives, but the likelihood of his brother is using anything but Windows/Explorer or Mac/Finder isn't exactly talking in your odds. [emoji13] But I'm eager to hear the circumstances in this case. Skickat från min GM1913 via Tapatalk
  12. Don't overcomplicate this. Samba over Internet is a big no no, and FTP is not really that well integrated with Windows Explorer as Webdav is. Easiest way is to enable Webdav and then open port 5006 (Webdav HTTPS). Then you simply add a new mount on your brothers computer point to https://yourddnsaddress:5006, enter your brothers account credentials that you've created in your NAS and choose which folder share you want to add. Then he can reach the files securely from all around the world. Skickat från min GM1913 via Tapatalk
  13. If I were you, I would just install ESXi 6.7 or 7.0 and run Xpenology on this with hardware redirect of hard disks into the virtual machine. That way network drivers is of no problem as you just run it with either virtual Intel 1Gbps nics or the VMware vmxnet3 virtual nics. Sure, it's been a while since I did this, as I'm now running it directly on a Supermicro S9XCL mainboard, but when I did run it under ESXi it did run just fine. [emoji4]