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  1. I use TailScale to access my boxes. There's a spk package for DSM and an Android app. Tailscale is actually WireGuard for dummies. Every device running TailScale gets an address like (XPE_Home) or (XPE_Work). opens Adguard on my home server while opens DSM on my work server. That way I can also use Synology apps on my Android phone and access DScam or DSdownload when I'm away from home.
  2. It's right there on the Synology site:
  3. Wir können im Augenblick nur bis DSM 6.2.3-25426 Update 3 updaten. Was ich so auf die Schnelle im Forum gefunden habe, ist das: Damit müsste HEIC gehen.
  4. DSM 6.6 gibt es nicht. Ein Build 25513 von Synology existiert ebenfalls nicht
  5. I played around with Plex a few months ago and neither my TV (WebOS 2) nor several AndroidTV boxes could play movies with embedded subtitles. I always got the message that Plex would need to transcode them, meaning I would have to pay for Plex Pass. If you depend on subtitles and don't want to pay, take a look at Jellyfin which is a free Plex fork.
  6. Hardware transcoding is a premium feature and you have to get Plex Pass go get it working. Hardware transcoding works on 918+
  7. There are many success reports with that mainboard. You can use Loader v1.03b DS3617xs Or Loader v1.04b - DS918+
  8. Here are the grub files. VID and PID are correct, serial numbers as well. The only strange thing I noticed is that DSM ignores the "set mac1" address and boots with the original mac address of the NUC 918_grub.cfg 3615_grub.cfg
  9. No luck. I tried it with 2 different sticks. Both can install DSM 6.1 and both fail updating to DSM 6.2 (56%, Error 13) Fresh install of DSM 6.2 as 918+ with different sticks also fails (56%, Error 13) I will try to get the logs this week,
  10. First of all, thank you for your answer. You are right. I started from scratch and installed DSM 6.1.7 (15284) with Loader 1.02b as 3615xs in UEFI mode and updated it to 6.1.7-15284-3. Loader 1.03b doesn't start in UEFI mode, so I took the DSM 6.2 Loader (with MBR partition Table) and booted it in legacy mode. NUC started up and was reachable under the same IP address (I didn't give it a fixed IP). In Synology Web Assistant I tried to migrate to DSM6.2-23739 which failed at 56% with Error 13 and clean install to 6.2.3-25426 which also failed at 56% with Error 13.
  11. I'm trying to install DSM 6.2.3 on an Intel NUC D34010WYK and can't get it to work for a few days already. Installing 6.1.7 on the NUC was a breeze. I simply took the loader for 3615xs (without additional drivers) and everything was working out of the box. - Installation of 6.2.3 (same for 6.2 or 6.2.2) always fails at 56% with Error 13. - VID, PID and serial number are 100% correct. - Tried UEFI and legacy boot - Tried 3615xs, 3617xs and 918+ loaders - Tried adding additional drivers - NUC bios is up to date - deactivated unnecessary onb
  12. Yes, you can use the apps. Personally, I use Tailscale and DS file to access my files when I'm away from home.
  13. Die 6.2.4-25556 funktioniert aber bei niemandem hier im Forum. Nach dem Update ist der Server dann nicht mehr erreichbar. Das hoechste der Gefuehle ist im Augenblick DSM 6.2.3-25426 Update 3. Wie man updatet, wird hier beschrieben. Das Ganze ist aber nicht ganz einfach und du solltest auf jeden Fall die Einstellungen und Daten sichern, bevor du dich daran machst.
  14. First of all, congratulations on the young ones. As a father of a young child myself, I can assure you that money will be tight for the next 20 years. Depending on where you live, it can be cheaper in the long run to get a Google One subscription instead of a building a new server. Currently I live in a country where the yearly energy costs for my server (old i3 laptop with a broken screen running DSM 6.2.3) pretty much equal the price of a bottle of Vodka and I host everything myself. Your setup will probably be more power hungry and more expensive than a
  15. Die 6.2.4-25554 ist frisch raus und verursacht wohl bei allen Probleme. Nimm einfach die etwas aeltere Version von hier. Die kann man dann per Update auf den Stand 6.2.3-25426-3 bringen. Von 6.2.4 sollte man aber im Augenblick die Finger lassen