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  1. I have learned that many PCs will have many problems when they are installed with (dsm918 6.2) or above. For example, they can't find a network card or USB, can't shut down normally. Its compatibility is much worse than 3617. What's the reason?
  2. Identify the (driver or firmware) problem. In the same way, install (3617_ 6.1.7) + (extended driver) without any problem. But (918+_ 6.2.3 / 0.13.3 driver), USB has no response, and the indicator light is not on. Oh, by the way, it can use the mouse and keyboard normally, but the USB disk doesn't recognize it. I hope you can take the time to add more compatible drivers. Thank you very much!
  3. This should be the reason for the mount failure, right? USB mount disk should be sda5.
  4. If I put the boot on one disk, I can install DSM normally on another disk(DSM does not recognize USB). If I put the boot on USB, when I install DSM on another disk (error 13).
  5. 6.2.3_918 1. With USB boot, it can be found, indicating that BIOS correctly recognizes. (VID and PID, Sn and Mac have been set correctly) However, using USB boot to install DSM to hard disk, the progress reached 57% (error 13) 2. When booting with hard disk, DSM can be installed normally, all functions are normal, only USB does not exist. You can't see any connected USB with lsusb, and no matter how it is set, it won't appear. 3. And this PC has (3617_ 6.1.7), it is normal without any setting. It's just that I love watching movies with 918 hard decoding
  6. It should be the driver problem. No matter how to adjust, USB does not appear. We look forward to your next driver update, and thank you for your help.
  7. maxdisks="24" internalportcfg="0xF" esataportcfg="0x0" usbportcfg="0x30000" I still can't see it
  8. grub.cfg The parameter in is the default value, because I just do the boot test, because the hard disk does not need to modify the vid and PID, right. Now I boot through the hard disk, can install the system normally, but no matter how I set it up synoinfo.conf , USB will not appear, this is the problem I want to solve most. Because my 6T hard disk box can't be mounted. Now my PC only USB abnormal, other work and hard solution video are very good. If it can recognize USB hard disk properly, it will be perfect.
  9. 6.2.3_ 918 system USB not recognized My English is not good, the following are all used translation tools Mini PC configuration: cpu i7 4650u ram 8G USB boot can be found, but it will appear during installation (error 13). It is normal to install with hard disk, but it does not recognize any USB. After many tests, it is found that the USB is not recognized, resulting in installation errors. But install 3617_ 6.1.7, but everything is normal, so I don't think it's a hardware or BIOS setting problem. Excuse me, what should I do in this situation? Because I