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  1. All, TL;DR Version: DSM supports a maximum (regardless of model emulated) of 24 disk drives - see screenshot. Setting maximumdisks variable to anything higher than 24 will result in system instability and DSM resetting itself. SHR/SHR-2 may seem like viable and extremely flexible options for creating your arrays; however, Synology is in the process of deprecating SHR and SHR-2. There have been numerous issues with SHR and SHR-2 that have resulted in data loss for many Synology customers. Changes are easy to make in the /etc.defaults/synoinf
  2. flyride, This is very helpful. Thank you! I can confirm making the following changes produces the same result (recovery): maxdisks="36" internalportcfg="0xfffffffff" usbportcfg="0" estataportcfg="0" I can also confirm that removing the virtual printer from the VM had no impact on this behavior. I will try setting to a maximum of 24 and report back. Best!
  3. That is a really good point. The values I am using here seem pretty straight forward so I'm not certain I am doing anything incorrectly here: maxdisks="40" internalportcfg="0xffffffffff" usbportcfg="0" esataportcfg="0" I thinking three possible solutions here... Because this is all emulating a DS3615xs - a chases that should only support 36 drives maximum (with the extended unit), perhaps I should set these values for a maximum of 36 drives. Perhaps something is going odd with the VMware USB Controller... maybe there is something that is awkwardly atta
  4. Hello All, First of all allow me to apologize for my rather lackluster writeup about this issue in my prior posting... I was facing down a hungry girlfriend. so... I made the executive decision to try to express this issue very quickly I have done a bunch of additional testing and have found that the issue does not appear to be with the implementation of XPEnology / DSM on VMware; however, it appears to arise every time I made certain changes to the /etc.defaults/synoinfo.conf file. So to reiterate and clarify, I am experiencing an issue where upon reboot / shutdown
  5. Hello All, Thought I would quickly post what I have been having trouble with here. I have been trying to get XPEnology to run DSM on VMware ESXi 6.x and 7 (I have also tried all of this on VMware Workstation Pro 15). Every time I get things configured inside DSM, I loose the entire configuration and my RAID Pool crashes upon restart (reboot, shutdown & start). I am presented with the Web Assistant / "Welcome to Synology" screen asking me to install DSM again. Each time this happens I am loosing my configurations. I will admit, I am trying to mod the limits of th