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  1. try to use default qnap model
  2. oh, i see what's the issue, try to play with different QNAP models.
  3. You need to create a volume before you will be able to use them
  4. as i can see qnap able to see 3 drives on nas and 4 external
  5. if you will click on disk/jbod ?
  6. Can you have a look in the gui storage & snapshots
  7. This is wrong, you are you able to load qts ? check storages from there, because what are you seeing in the TC it's doestn reflect a real situation
  8. You have to change to ahci mode in the bios.
  9. Hello, just want to share my success and say thanks for inspiration heh I have used model TVS-2472XU-RP on hardware dell OptiPlex 7010 (8gb ram, i3 and 3 Tb in raid1 with SSD cache) works well I am even able to use that pc as a desktop with browser - uptime 25days without any issue - firmware version